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Spring Loaded Lego

Return your creation to its consituent parts with a satisfying mechanical bang.
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Sometimes that which you have built becomes tiresome and needs to be dismantled. Take a Lego house for example. You have fun putting it up, but then what? It sits around having bits knocked off it or it simply gathers dust, as everyone gets tired looking at it.

What is needed is a grand gesture to restore the components to their box of origin, instead of all that monotonous brick by brick pulling apart.

The solution is Spring Loaded Lego Bricks. With this system, each of the centre studs on the bricks, that holds them together, is spring loaded, and held locked in place by a tiny micro switch.

Now all you have to do when you want to tear down your completed project is to press a single button, which simultaneously releases all the centre springs.
(Each kit comes with safety goggles and a warning siren to signal impending demolition)

xenzag, Nov 24 2007



       Bun if the siren is vibrating the windows loud.
rascalraidex, Nov 24 2007

       This I like. Alternatively, you could have the nubs retract into the blocks, and see how long the laboriously constructed edifice exists relying on friction alone.
lostdog, Nov 24 2007

       I like it. (+) I have gotten results with explosives in Lego, but this would be reusable, which my technique isn't.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 26 2007

       Metal lego. Magnetic base. Heat above curie point to separate.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 26 2007

pertinax, Nov 26 2007

       + why of course.
xandram, Nov 26 2007


//Metal lego. Magnetic base.//

Exactly what I was thinking. Except you'd have a plastic cover over the magnetic base. Pick up the cover and the legos collapse.
ldischler, Nov 26 2007


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