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Vagina Volume Measuring Kit

One more dimension than men
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Women are probably sad and a little jealous that they can't partake in penis-related competitions such as wang measuring. Well, fear not ladies. Now you can measure the volume of your vaginas at your next sex-specific social gathering.

The vagina volume measuring kit comes with 100 oz of sterile saline solution and a 8 sterile funnels. Simply yank off the pants of your mates and have them do a handstand against a wall. Next, insert the funnel, pour, and measure. Laughs all around! Who has the biggest vagina? Whose future husband might feel inadequate? The fun never ends with the Vagina Volume Measuring Kit.

leinypoo13, Nov 01 2010

Storm Large: 8 Miles Wide (music video) http://www.youtube....watch?v=w5U-YT-mRmI
Theme song? [jutta, Nov 15 2010]

Baseline dimensions of the human vagina http://humrep.oxfor...tent/21/6/1618.full
Used gel and MRIs. [jutta, Nov 15 2010]


       Dunno about this idea, but I've done some body casting, and one of the tools is dental alginate. You could make 3D models, but you have to use it cold.
normzone, Nov 02 2010

       Last time I checked, these strange objects have variable volume. Take childbirth for instance. And then, the fact that a penis tends to fit quite nicely. Most penii aren't as big as most babies.
daseva, Nov 02 2010

       Perhaps the desired metric might be the amount of pressure one can excert on a standard penis.   

       Hollow, flexible dildo fitted with a pressure sensor and a large display - or a loud tinny voice announcing the pressure.   

       "Miss Megan - Two six zero p s i "
neelandan, Nov 02 2010

       //penii// That would be "penes".   

       </latin nerd>
DIYMatt, Nov 02 2010

       //This would probably be best accomplished acoustically.//   

       Gynecologist: "What an enormous vagina....enormous vagina"   

       Patient: "Yeah, OK, but there's no need to say it twice."   

       Gynecologist: "I didn't."
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 02 2010

       I assume you have never encountered a douche.
marklar, Nov 03 2010

       No, but I still have the bag that my brother came in. :)
infidel, Nov 03 2010

       Actually, I was hoping it was some way of determining whose queefs were loudest. Disappointed now.
infidel, Nov 03 2010

       [marked-for-deletion] - gross-out "humour" - see the help file
BunsenHoneydew, Nov 03 2010

       I agree that some, including myself, might find this idea offensive or gross, but I don't think it's specifically tailored as such, and therefore the MFD should not apply.   

       I keep looking at the word "Volume" and thinking of a decibel measurement. That would be one way to quantify the moaners from the screamers.
normzone, Nov 04 2010

       [admin: I don't think this is a gross-out idea, in that the genitalia here are the central theme and subject (in the male size competitiveness whose absurdity is demonstrated by turning it inside-out and projecting it onto women), not something that's stuck on to make something otherwise lame gross.]
jutta, Nov 15 2010

       //Most penii aren't as big as most babies.//

<credibility failure> Speak for yourself! </cf>
DrBob, Nov 15 2010

       seems like the real question is how many psi of pressure the walls of the vagina can exert on a "penis sized" object. Very easy to measure. On the other hand (or IN the other hand for that matter) a sensitive person is acutely aware of the fact that penis/vagina alone is not a recipe for great sex. Focusing on the question is an obvious sign of deficits in the areas of sensitivity, communication and creativity/imagination.
WcW, Nov 15 2010

       who said anything about sex? This is just so the ladies can get in on the pissing contest i.e. who has the biggest unit?   

       In keeping with that theme, I would recommend that you display your casting on an oaken plinth, that you may reasonably lay claim to 'having wood'
afinehowdoyoudo, Nov 24 2010


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