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trout reflux

Archimedes/paddle powered trout transfer allows for reflux of trout in a column of trays.
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Reflux! What in the... yeah, it's this simple. Here we go.

Reflux is like distillation, but nothing is ever separated. On an industrial level, you heat some liquids up in a stack of reservoirs (with lots of tiny holes in their bottoms) and watch it distribute amongst them based on the heat, mixture's contents, injection point, etc... You can control mixing and reaction temperatures, and seperation, too... it's useful at times, and all liquid usually stays in the column. That is to stay, a reflux column reacts in batch and is not continuous.

Doing this with trout will be a bit different.

The trout will love going back up the screw into the tank above getting ever closer to the birthing tank at the top, but there are 30 tanks stacked in a column each with a paddle powered archimedes screw beneath it and a hole in the bottom to feed its water's gravitational potential to the paddle, thus powering the screw and speading up trout recycling (refer to linked idea). All trout will be born at the top, so they'll swim upwards on pure instinct. Water will have to continually be fed from the very very top tank (birthing tank), and possibly recycled from the very very bottom tank (farthest from home), and sterilized in the process so as not to throw off the trout in the column. i.e. they shouldn't be able to smell their own trails and shtuff coming from the top.

Okay, that's about all I have on trout reflux. Using this method we could house thousands of trout in city centers, confined but instinctivly satiated in huge columns. Distribute fresh trout to millions of people! yessss... If anyone wants to talk smack and say this is impossible, bring it. And, if there is anyone out there who has actually learned something here, I'd love to know. More so, if someone has actually lost a sense of understanding, that would be delightfully noted. Finally, if you are eager for clarification on any of the dynamics present during trout reflux, lemme know. And, last but not least! If you are hungry for trout, say 'Aiiiii!'

anything else is encouraged

daseva, Oct 30 2007

example of paddle/screw assembly, inspiration Variable_20Time_20Hourglass
[daseva, Oct 30 2007]


       There is a salmon of doubt.
4whom, Oct 30 2007

       I think it would be a great deal of fin.
normzone, Oct 30 2007

       There's a much-needed gap in the urban trout-housing market, and this idea would appear to fillet.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 30 2007

       Good idea [+]. Out-of-town fish farming and out-of-land fishing just lead to suboptimum freshness of fish.
vincevincevince, Oct 31 2007

       Would the bottom be open to a stream or river so the take is only a % and nature gets a true payment . Viewing for tourists might add to dosh if a worry .
wjt, Nov 01 2007

       I thought this was going to be a new way to get indigestion from eating fish.   

       It sounds like the name of a Fall album.
Murdoch, Nov 02 2007

       [+] for name
xenzag, Nov 02 2007

       I would say it is impossible, but I can't even figure out what it is.   

       I assume you are not actually refluxing trout through some process of heating their water...
ye_river_xiv, Nov 02 2007

       [+] Beautifully pointless!
Wrongfellow, Nov 06 2007

       Everybody, SwimDown!
C'mon we can do it. SWIM DOWN!


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