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Splash Chair

Ok let me reword this
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Ok now that it is 2013 and I am 8 years older and with 8 years of parsing f-ing emails under my belt, and with a fancy kurzweilian iPad with its fantastically advanced touch screen keyboard which makes it so much easier to say everything than it was in the old 2005s, I am going to try to rewrite this idea mostly because I am amazed that it doesn't exist yet, and partially because my butt hurts from sitting in this very Un-splash-like chair.

This is a rewriting of "Molecular Velcro" from 2005 which no one got, apparently because I didn't speak or think English back in the day. But I can't believe that the product doesn't exist so I am going to throw it out there, this time hopefully in English.

So the idea is for a bunch of balls of whatever size works the best, say 1inch to start, that have hooks on them, like burrs, so that, depending on the strengths of the (flexible) hooks, a tub full of these balls would form to your shape depending on how you impacted them, and how much you weighed.

I can't write it. I give up. 8 years of f-ing emails and I can't put my thoughts into words.

A bunch of f-ing Velcro balls, in a tub. So you can skootch them around but they retain your shape. A bunch of balls with hooks in a tub.

That is all.

JesusHChrist, Jul 01 2013

Molecular Velcro Molecular_20Velcro
I guess I thought if I reduced it to the molecular level that would be more scientific [JesusHChrist, Jul 01 2013]

Similar to this ? http://4.bp.blogspo.../respaldo+bolas.JPG
Very popular among taxi drivers of my city [piluso, Jul 02 2013]

...or this? http://www.bestpric...t-Ball-Pit-Pool.jpg
[xandram, Jul 02 2013]


       My butt still hurts.
JesusHChrist, Jul 01 2013

       My head hurts.
blissmiss, Jul 01 2013

       Tell people not to sit on it then!
pocmloc, Jul 02 2013

       What are the hooks for?
xandram, Jul 02 2013

       When I was a [younger] kid, me and some friends sometimes collected huge quantities of burrs in order to make sticky burr sculptures. So [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 02 2013

       Yes like the ball pit pool but all the balls have hooks -- like on burrs -- for sticking together like Velcro or post-it gum.
JesusHChrist, Jul 02 2013


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