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The Hot Seat

Ass-toasting motivation.
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The Hot Seat is a desk chair. It connects to your computer. When you start a new project, the Hot Seat finds out when it's due, and how close it is to completion. Thereafter, every time you work on the project, the Hot Seat heats up to a certain temperature depending on a ratio of percent complete to due date. If you pace yourself and don't procrastinate, the seat will be comfortably warm. If you save all the work until the day before it needs to be done, your ass will be lightly toasted, and a fake parchment fire will begin to blow under the chair. As no one enjoys a sweaty bum (if it's their own), this should provide ample motivation to get your work done early.
DrWorm, Oct 02 2010

Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal http://www.pbm.com/...al.programmers.html
Scary, but true. [8th of 7, Oct 02 2010]


       Wouldn't work for Real Programmers ...   

       "Real Programmer..... tends to make things more challenging by working on some small ... part of the problem for the first nine weeks, then finishing .... in two or three 50-hour marathons."   

8th of 7, Oct 02 2010

       It sounds like programmers behave as if they were experiencing and reacting to one of these hot seats.   

       Unless one knew the exact level of work needed to keep the heat comfortable, the system would have to give regular feedback (heat) to the worker, wouldn't it? Or should I have just assumed a self- correction system built-in?   

       I guess I'm just obsessing over details. Like what if the workers speed up to get something done early? Does the hot seat care?
Boomershine, Oct 03 2010

       If you get it done ahead of time, It's just a normal chair. Or maybe you get the ability to manually adjust the temperature to your own preference.
DrWorm, Oct 03 2010

       Still wonder about the self-correction issue. The worker gets hot if he falls behind.   

       How does seat let the worker know he is on-schedule?
Boomershine, Oct 03 2010


       There should be a zone in the center of the chair that DOESN'T heat up; that of course being the precious real estate that the "boys" are resting on. You wouldn't want to cook 'em, would you? I wouldn't care if you lit my ass on fire (as it has been on a number of occasions), just don't pick on the boys...
Grogster, Oct 03 2010


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