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Spouse-Swapping for Mideast Peace

Palestinian and Israeli families forced to swap spouses periodically until lasting peace is achieved
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Every single family in the Israel/Palestinian Territories is matched up with a family of the opposite persuasion. One week out of every four either the husbands or the wives swap places and live with the other's family. That'll teach 'em who's human. Single people swap dwellings and jobs.

Note: Sexual relations PROHIBITED during the swap. No one gets taken advantage of!

Israeli soldiers and PLA-type fighters are forced to take communal showers and prepare each others' food. And give each other foot massages.

Anyone not accounted for? Oh, yeah, orphans must be adopted and receive personal round-the-clock care from politicians on both sides. That'll keep the stuffed-shirts busy and out of trouble.

Crack UN troops roam the land with large-caliber Custard Cannons to enforce these edicts. Anyone caught cheating spends 6 months in Bosnia disinterring bodies from mass graves. Alternate sentence: 6 months caring for mutilated orphans in Rwanda and the Congo.

If wishes were fishes... sigh.

Dog Ed, Apr 18 2001


       Food: swappee gets to order out if necessary. Custard: It's punitive--if you annoy the UN troops you run the risk of being glopped with non-Kosher or non-Halalic (sp??) custard.
Dog Ed, Apr 18 2001

       you should * Prohibited with no CAPS
It might do good to actually mix some blood -- cuts down on inbreeding
thumbwax, Apr 18 2001

       Only tapioca has caliber. Large-caliber custard is like saying large-caliber napalm. O:)
arghblah, Oct 30 2001

       Sadly, we had this "peace process" supposedly going, in which they (Palestinians) were riding with us (Israelis) in the same jeep. It was called "HaSiyur HaMeshutaf" - The joint patrol.   

       The first shot in this round of war was by a Palestinian killing an Israeli (Ethiopian Jew) who was drinking coffee with him a few hours before!   

       I really hope something WILL happen and we somehow re-instantiate co-existance.
pashute, Oct 21 2002


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