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Suicide bomber safe houses

Prepare homes and entice suicide bombers with them
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This would be an international cultural exchange program allowing would-be suicide bombers to turn themselves in in exchange for a new life in a different country. In the news today 18 Iraqi women turned themselves in rather than becoming suicide bombers. If there were homes available to take in this kind of people I imagine the disenfranchised and misled would be much more likely to follow their example.

This program would require would-be suicide bombers to make some kind of discrete signal to security or police forces near them. The signaler would be immediately protected from potential retribution, would be required to make a full confession including details of whoever trained them and would be given a whole new life including job and culture training, the first few months rent, and a visa in another country.

In the best case, the program would be abused by thousands of people in those countries, who would be quickly integrated into new societies, creating an excellent medium for cultural exchange and mutual understanding. Beneficial side effects would include some degree of cheap security and intelligence.
Voice, Nov 27 2008


       traditionally the demesne of various churches: "sanctuary".
FlyingToaster, Nov 27 2008

       I don't think jihad works that way.
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 27 2008

       I have an idea for putting up fake building in big cities that they fly into and get trapped and sent to correctional facilities. Your homes could offer the third step to this much needed reintegration of otherwise hopeless souls.   

       I suggest a new list of categories:
public:suicide bomber:prevention
public:suicide bomber:detection
public:suicide bomber:sequestration
public:suicide bomber:reintegration
daseva, Nov 27 2008

       why, if we wouldn't do this for someone who was desperate but non-violent, would we do it for a "terrorist"? Aren't we all potential suicide bombers given the right circumstances? If i need help, comfort, security, food, housing, is it really best to provide those things after i have already gone over to anti-social behavior? An ounce of prevention so to speak. A real suicide bomber is likely ensconced in a nice warm house with nice people telling them that they need to go through with it. Please some half baked anti-terrorism ideas that have some sense to them.
WcW, Nov 28 2008

       I don't think putting ideas on the internet about avoiding suicide bombers is good. They are quite tech savvy. The last I knew (yesterday's Mumbai terror attack) , they were using sat phones and had planned every move before reaching the spot.
kamathln, Nov 28 2008

       // putting ideas on the internet about...suicide bombers //   

       Why ?   

       The population contains four groups:   

       1. The security sevices, who know all about suicide bombers and their tactics and methods.   

       2. The suicide bombers, who (ipso facto) know how to do it anyway and are indeed motivated, "tech savvy", determined and ingenious.   

       3. The vast seething unwashed mass of the ignorant general population, who get their "information" largely from the mass media.   

       4. Nutters.   

       (1) and (2) will gain or lose nothing from information on the internet.   

       (3) will either not read, or read but not understand, or read and not care.   

       (4) Will find some way of harming themselves and/or others anyway.
8th of 7, Nov 28 2008

       which of the 4 are you, 8th?
po, Nov 28 2008

       All of the above ....
8th of 7, Nov 28 2008

       I might be convinced to admit 18 Iraqi women into my home... For the sake of world peace...
ye_river_xiv, Nov 29 2008

       One of my first Bakery ideas was for a "suicide bomber practice range" It was deemed offensive, so I deleted it.
xenzag, Nov 29 2008

       bombers in safe houses shouldn't throw...
po, Nov 29 2008

       This would eliminate the need for sleeper cells.
ldischler, Nov 30 2008

       One good thing about suicide bombers is that the rate of repeat offending is low.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 12 2015


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