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refugee camp emergency sensor

And also remote towns, or villages at risk of being attacked.
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In wartorn areas, it may be hard to deploy security forces for all refugee camps.

Its a really simple sensor on a pole, that contains a solar panel, a low power computer, HF antennas, 360 degree night vision camera, a microphone, siren, and lastly a emergency distress button.

Quite simply, it runs on low power most of the time, transmitting snapshots every half an hour to a monitoring peacekeeping base.

If multiple gunshots or screams is detected, an alert is sent back to base. It will also activated on pressing distress button (optionally wired to the nearest Aid agency tent). In addition to recording the footage into an internal flash drive, it sends real time feed to the base to help confirm any attacks.

To reduce bandwidth and increase range, the sensor does only one thing when it received a coded transmitting from base. It activated the siren. (Can be manually activated by pressing distress button) It does not provide sound alert, but however I presume a siren will still dissuade any further killings.

So for just a few thousand dollars you can protect multiple camps from surprise attacks.

mofosyne, Dec 10 2010

Gunshot Detector in Birmingham http://www.closepro...shot-detection.html
Gunshot detection is baked. It's kind of pricey, though. £130K to install, £20K/yr to maintain. [Wrongfellow, Dec 10 2010]


       Ooh, look, a target! And one that comes with computer hardware, a siren, nightvision, and a camera! How much food could I buy if I sold it on the blackmarket?
RayfordSteele, Dec 10 2010

       Since its a sensor, don't you think it can't have an 'anti-theft' feature'?   

       Also its not in the middle of a city, it in the middle of a place where people are more occupied with not getting killed. Which is often refugee camps or remote towns.
mofosyne, Dec 11 2010

       "Wrongfellow" - nice link, however I think for this sensor, to keep cost low, all we need to know is if a gun is fired. No direction needed i think.   

       Or at the very least, we just need a rough direction.
mofosyne, Dec 11 2010

       btw, stealing a sensor will get you bunch of peacekeepers hunting the signal down and you down.
mofosyne, Dec 12 2010


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