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Yellow Catsup

Make the katsup yellow, so it looks like mustard
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Ive seen these different color catsups these days, Some sort of swirly green and i think theres purple. Kids love it. Yellow catsup. People will buy it because it's fuggin Hilarious. I would at least.
sputnik5, Jun 27 2002

The Condiment Swirl http://www.halfbake...20Condiment_20Swirl
Or Condiment Hurl, as the case may be [thumbwax, Jun 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I'm gonna give you a fishbone, 'cause its fuggin hilarious. I think so at least.
[ sctld ], Jun 27 2002

       Sally likes ketchup, Billy likes mustard. But when Mom's making lunch and can't remember which hot dog belongs to whom, panic sets in. Hilarity ensues.
phoenix, Jun 27 2002

       Glad to see that you could join us Mr Al Fayed. Here's a rotting fish carcass for your emporium.
st3f, Jun 28 2002

       ..it's yellow.   

       get it?   


       like must...   

       awww nevermind.
sputnik5, Jun 29 2002

       Ohhhhh-- I get it now! Fishbone.
jester, Jun 29 2002

       Made from those yellow low-acid tomatoes, maybe. Different taste than regular red tomatoes. Good for your ulcers, maybe? Come on, sputnik5, I'm trying to help you.
TeaTotal, Jun 29 2002

       Ketchup, or rather, tomato ketchup, isn't just made from tomato. It has other vegetables in is as well. Isn't mustard a type of ketchup anyway?
[ sctld ], Jun 29 2002

       Mustard. Ingredients mustard powder, water, possibly vinegar and/or flour. Ketchup. Ingredients (Heinz) "tomatos, spirit vinegar, glucose syrup, sugar, salt, spice & herb extracts, spice, garlic powder".
pottedstu, Jun 29 2002

       ... miscellaneous insect parts and feces".
thumbwax, Jun 30 2002


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