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The Wounded Finger

alternative ketchup sauce bottle top
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"Pass me the Wounded Finger" would become a familiar catch phrase if my new ketchup sauce bottle top entered widespread use.

It's a simple idea that involves taking off the conventional bottle top and replacing it with a replica finger, the tip of which flicks back as if half-severed, allowing the sauce to pour out from the now revealed open wound.

xenzag, Sep 23 2008

(?) I have the finger to cast..... http://picasaweb.go...m/gibletoid/finger#
This is my crushed fingertip. Proceed with strong stomach. [Giblet, Sep 24 2008]


       or a small squeezy nozzle recessed into a deep gash in the end which inevitably becomes clogged with ketchup: a real festering wound to squirt ketchup out of. Nice.
conskeptical, Sep 23 2008

       It would have to come out in regular spurts of diminishing intensity to convey the impression of the desperate, dying heartbeats of the victim. The 'de luxe' ketchup bottle would add the sounds of screaming and approaching police/ambulance sirens [+]
hippo, Sep 23 2008

       Do you have a similar design for a brown sauce bottle ?   

       If so, we don't want to know.
8th of 7, Sep 23 2008

       The Lorena Bobbit range could use another appendage.
4whom, Sep 23 2008

       //Do you have a similar design for a brown sauce bottle//   

       There may be a mayonnaise dispenser.
Noexit, Sep 23 2008

       ...a cornflake dispenser which requires you to flake corns off a lifelike foot, etc.
hippo, Sep 23 2008

       Jam from...never mind.   

       Nice, partic as ketchup, like blood, tends to form messy scabs which have to be picked away if a fast flow is desired.
calum, Sep 23 2008

       You're all fired.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 23 2008

       //Jam from...never mind// come back Ben Frost.
xenzag, Sep 23 2008

       A canine pepper shaker.
ldischler, Sep 23 2008

       I've been wondering what to do with all that silicone mix I have left over...this thing could sell like hotcakes in Somalia.
Blisterbob, Sep 23 2008

       Sounds like a name for a pub.
normzone, Sep 24 2008

       See my link.   

       If you dare.   

       I can feel this design. Oh boy can I feel it.....
Giblet, Sep 24 2008

       Ooops! C'mon, c'mon! lick the finger, ohhhmmm...   

       son: Mommy, I overheard daddy talked that way too. Maybe... you both get so fat for too much chicken drumsticks for midnight snack...
rotary, Sep 24 2008

       Ouch [Giblet] - but good one for Brown HP Sauce.
xenzag, Sep 24 2008

       [Giblet] Did that hurt much? What did you do to mash it so?
nomocrow, Sep 24 2008

       I was in a bucket at the end of a 60 foot boom lift, and while trying to maneuver away from a wall, I went a bit sideways, and my hand was on the railing of the boom lift basket.   

       About 10,000lbs steel being stopped by a brick wall with my finger tip in between.   

       If anyone ever heeds one thing I say, let it be this: No matter how comfortable you are with your skill of operating heavy equipment, _never_ stop fearing it.
Giblet, Sep 25 2008

       That picture is old, my finger has healed completely, but the tip has a much longer nail due to the cuticle being so far back now, plus the fact it now has a tip the size of my pinky.   

       Nerves run along the outside if your index finger, and they were not turfed completely.   

       And yeah, the nail managed to fall off after a few weeks.
Giblet, Sep 25 2008

       Recommend you remove the second paragraph of the description entirely.
Voice, Sep 25 2008

       //Jam from...never mind.// See my comment there: "What shape the jar?"
Voice, Sep 25 2008

       You've really got something there.
nomocrow, Sep 26 2008

       Yes, he has. But doctors are working on a cure .....
8th of 7, Sep 26 2008

       oops -1   

       sorry but this is horrible
po, Sep 26 2008

       Bury my heart at ... Wounded Finger [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 26 2008

       wounded by po
xenzag, Sep 26 2008

       encouraged by po   

       Awful, but harmless, I guess. [ ]
baconbrain, Sep 26 2008

       What about mustard?
mecotterill, Sep 27 2008

       For those who like a little more tomato on their spaghetti; The Severed Horse's Head, which also serves as a backup gravyboat.
zen_tom, Oct 08 2008

       I would like eveyone to try a little thought experiment with me if you will all be so kind.   

       Re-read the idea as posted and when you get to the bottom, superimpose the name [treon] over that of the author and see if your vote would have been the same.   

       ...and so I propose an annonymous view of the halfbakery that would not allow users to see the author of an idea until that user has either cast a vote, or said idea has been around long enough to no longer be in bold print.   

       I'm just sayin...   

       *Raises glass   

       here, here, [2 Fries].
MikeD, Oct 10 2008

       Don't get me wrong, I look forward to reading xenzag's ideas along with those of many other halfbakers.
About personal idiosyncrasies in writing styles little can or should be done. Since finding the halfbakery I have tried to read each idea in it's entirety before looking at the name of the author, (not that I can always resist), and you would be surprised at how often you'll know who posted an idea before you get to the bottom if you do this for a while, but that is irrelevant to the point I'm trying to make.

       Is this site about the ideas or is it about the personalities?
Of all the places on or off the web, I thought that this one would be the least likely to degenerate into a junior high school popularity contest.
I still think that if a Broken Finger Ketchup Bottle Top had been posted by any number of other bakers it would have been fishboned to death.

       Maybe I'm just becoming crotchety and cynical.   


Alright who chucked that stone?

       //You expect we should be somehow more altruistic and less tribal because we're somehow enlightened? //   

       One can hope.   

       Seems to me to be the age old "What aught to be vs. what is". Your point is taken and, in my view: correct [2 fries]. But the only way to make this ideology into reality is if everyone chose to be more objective.
MikeD, Oct 14 2008

       ... or joined the Collective .....
8th of 7, Oct 14 2008


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