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Square cup holders

For the discerning motorist
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Cup holders designed to fit bottles from elitist water brands such as Fiji and Waiakea, as well as those squarish wax paper drink cartons they sell coconut water in. Don't be a tool. Be THE tool.
21 Quest, Aug 13 2022

Toyota Tacoma https://www.reddit....y_for_tea_drinkers/
[a1, Aug 13 2022, last modified Aug 14 2022]

Honda Accord https://www.driveac...older-mount.537757/
[a1, Aug 14 2022]

A potential mechanism for the reshaping of cupholders. Reshapeable_20Windows_202
[Voice, Aug 14 2022]

This idea as a question https://www.reddit...._behind_square_cup/
"Where else to put your rubik cube" [pashute, Aug 16 2022]


       This is a no brainer, you can easily put round bottles in there too. [+]
doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2022

       Exists. Google square cup holders to see the confusion and angst they inspire.
a1, Aug 13 2022

       Is that a cupholder? Given how small it is, I'm inclined to think it's more likely a tray for things like a lighter, coins, etc.
21 Quest, Aug 13 2022

       It’s a whatever holder. The shape is common in Japanese cars for the same reason you cited - a lot of drink containers are squarish.
a1, Aug 13 2022

       Not in my Honda... Ok just saw your second link, that definitely bakes it. Can't believe these aren't more common!
21 Quest, Aug 14 2022

       The discerning drinker has a cupholder made from a flexible material with an articulated inner skeletal assembly. One pull of the lever and it morphs from round, to square to triangular.
pocmloc, Aug 14 2022

       It should be smart enough to detect the shape and adjust without the user having to pull a lever. Of course you could just have a web of flexible cables such that most shapes will be held tight enough, but that would be too simple.
Voice, Aug 14 2022

       There's no way to vote up A1's remark so I voted up your idea. Where are all the rest?   

       OK, 3 ideas. (I didn't realize the others were links as well). That's it, or have you become a serial deleter.
pashute, Aug 16 2022

       and btw [+] here too.   

       and a link
pashute, Aug 16 2022

       Another solution could be two holders one round and one square. As the driver, you should be smart enough to detect the shape of your cup, and decide: The too big square holder, or the tightly holding round one.
pashute, Aug 16 2022


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