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Squirrel Olympics (TM)

Insanely challenging and amusing obstacle course for squirrels.
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We've all seen videos of squirrels doing amazing things to to get to birdfeeders. Like tiny double jointed weightless acrobats they astound us with thier dexterity and creativity. Why not harness those natural powers of amusement to create the perfect back yard and pick nick entertainment device? The Sqirrel Olympics (TM) would consist of an incredibly challenging obstacle course, involving pullys and levers and moving platforms and climbing and balancing and prying and problem solving and general squirrel cleverness and dexterity. The Squirrel Olympics (TM) would come in a portable kit that would be set up by the consumer in thier backyard or at a picknik or wherever else squirrel entertainment (TM) is required. Delicous bird food would then be placed in a gold cup at the end of the obtacle course. Delighted observers would then laugh, cry, gasp, scream, and be amazed at the antics of hungry squirrels as they struggle to reach the ultimate prize, the gold cup filled with delicous bird food.
RiptWaif, Jan 17 2004

daylight robbery... http://www.squirrels.org/t_video.html
[po, Oct 17 2004]

Squirrel corn feeder http://shop.store.y...ldbirdmart/905.html
[waugsqueke, Oct 17 2004]

Squngee http://www.squngee.com/
Squirrel + bungee = fun [Pernicious Wiles, Oct 17 2004]


       You should make it circle, so no matter what angle they try to reach it at, they will have obstacles. (if it is not already circular. I did not get that visual, but who knows) :)
babyhawk, Jan 17 2004

       A plus for the name alone. I'm a fan of the word 'squirrel'.   

       As [po]'s link indicates, the BBC Natural History Unit did several programmes to find out how clever and inventive squirrels would get when there were a few peanuts at stake. Famously spoofed in the UK for a Carling Black Label ad.
hazel, Jan 17 2004

       spoof? link please hazel...
po, Jan 17 2004

       I haven't looked for a link [po], but I recall that the advert was the 'winning run' from the bestest squirrel on the BBC docmentary replayed with the 'Mission Impossible' Soundtrack. At the end there were two other animals (squirrels or possibly sparrows) who looked at each other and said 'I bet HE drinks Carling Black Label'.
gnomethang, Jan 17 2004

       Can't find a link but it was pretty much the footage you posted in that link [po] with the Mission Impossible music playing in the background. At the end, the guy said "I bet he drinks Carling Black Label".
hazel, Jan 17 2004

       Jinks! [Hazel]!
gnomethang, Jan 17 2004

       Squirrel fishing is fun - tie a peanut onto the fishing line and cast. Better fights than big bass, no license required. If you're feeling generous, tie simple knots. If you're not, they eventually earn the peanut.
normzone, Jan 18 2004

       Rods, you can buy squirrel food. Often it comes in the form of dried corn cobs (link). Or you can just throw nuts out for them.
waugsqueke, Jan 18 2004

       Or better yet, attach it to a bungee cord (link).
Pernicious Wiles, Jan 18 2004

       On these videotapes of squirrels doing acrobatics, aren't the squirrels usually performing these stunts after many trial and error attempts? Even when the squirrels are quick learners, I would think that you would have to set up the obstacle course days in advance and stock it with food rewards in order to get a reasonable competition. Not far behind: people training and bringing in their own squirrels for the competition. Dropping their squirrel in your neighborhood, and suckering you for a bet. These people would be known as "squirrel-sharks."
rogerdna, Jan 18 2004


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