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The Gatecrashers Society

Find the nearest party with the help of the gatecrashing society
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At some point or another, most people have gatecrashed a party, whether it was by accident or accidentally-on-purpose.

The Gatecrashers Society are a bunch of guys and gals who don't often get invited to parties or they just want get to more parties, so they gatecrash them. Here are the (theoretical) rules:

1. Thou shalt scout a party ripe for the crashing at least once.
2. Thou shalt not blemish the record of the society by nicking stuff and becoming overly drunk and disorderly.
3. If damage occurs due to something that you did, thou shalt pay for the damage and apologise to the host or hostess.

Of course, when a member has scouted a party, he or she will make an estimate of how many people could get in without everyone being kicked out, and they have to ask someone to bring a token amount of alcohol (I've found that either vodka (for the under-25s) or champagne (for anyone else) works best. Bribery - the sweetest berry of them all).
With entrance to the fold, people have to swear they won't go round destroying things and getting completely and utterly legless at gatecrashed parties, as this form of organised gatecrashing is mainly for members to meet new people, make connections and to get some extra (free) food and drink.

I have a feeling that this would be great for socialites.

froglet, Dec 24 2005


       I'm in. La dee da dee, I love to party.
DVineMissEva, Dec 24 2005

       And I have a feeling that since this idea comes from [froglet] certain people (me) would be tempted to throw a party just to have this society come crashing.+
zeno, Dec 27 2005

       Bribery should only very rarely become necessary; gaining access to ticketed/private events is really just a matter of acting like you're supposed to be there. Using that technique, I crashed a software engineering conference champagne reception and managed not to get thrown out by adopting the persona (and, indeed, accent) of Michael Mols, a putatively prominent Dutch software guru.   

       Of course, there's a size threshold. You can't slip in, unnoticed and in character, to, say, an evening of Trivial Pursuit at someone's maiden aunt's house. Therefore, the Gatecrasher's Society would presumably know to target only certain sizes of venue/event. Even in sizeable cities, there will be only a limited number of these.
calum, Dec 28 2005

       you don't need all that palaver, froggy. (nearly called you groggy for a moment)   

       you just need to go wandering about town with some cheap beer and listen for some loud music.   

       bang on the door and say John invited you. works everytime or perhaps its a girl thing :)
po, Dec 28 2005

       Would Bluto from Animal House be your messiah?
MikeOxbig, Jan 22 2006


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