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the argos game

a fun game to play in argos shops
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this game can be played on your own, but is more fun with 2 or more players. Go into an argos store and position yourself in front of one of those catalogue enquiry machines where you type in the cat. number of an item to see if it is in stock. then take it in turns to type in random numbers- don't look at the catalogue. if you manage to choose an item you have to buy it- no matter how much it is. The winner of the game is the person who buys the most stuff.
cosmobrown, Aug 21 2001

Argos http://www.argos.co.uk/
So people know what this idea is about. [Aristotle, Aug 21 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

argos http://www.argonaut....ca/Argos/home.html
aaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggoooooosssss (the cheer) [mihali, Aug 21 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

argos http://www.ex.ac.uk...ps/Greece/argos.htm
(no cheer) [mihali, Aug 21 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       i though this was going to be about canadian football.   

       or about ancient greece.   

       see links.
mihali, Aug 21 2001

       Yes, 'cause everyone enjoys racking up debt for fun!   

       [We need sarcasm marks, maybe something along the lines of sarcommas]
[ sctld ], Aug 22 2001

       If anyone has ever actually played this, could they please post the details here. In particular, I'm interested in the odds, and what proportion of the purchases were tacky jewellery from the Elizabeth Duke range. Thank you. I love you lots and lots.
pottedstu, Oct 09 2001

       <hobo> I played this game and it ended up costing me my house, my wife, my kids and my sit-on lawn mower. *eats discarded pizza* </hobo>
NickTheGreat, Jul 04 2002

       The sheer improbability of actually typing in a serial number that exists makes this game pointless, but otherwise <S'm> yeah I'd love to play <S'm>. (All those who think that UnaBubba's method of displaying sarcastic intent is suitable raise their hands)
kaz, Jul 04 2002

       *raises hand*
NickTheGreat, Jul 04 2002

       <S'm> *raises hand* </S'm>
yamahito, Jul 04 2002

       For sarcomma use |   

       It's not used for anything, it's on most keyboards. And it will be really popular with computer programmers|
ip, Aug 08 2002

       I've never heard of an Argos. I shop at Wal-Mart and SuperTarget.
BinaryCookies, Aug 08 2002

       I actually conceived a similar game sometime ago but with slightly different rules. One visit to the fantastic Index shop (this and Argo are both Brittish stores, everyone else in the world should think themselves lucky they don't have them.) On discovering that the item we intended to buy was not in stock, we proceeded to randomly punch numbers into the calculator type pads similatiously (we had one each) with the intention of being the first to find something that was in stock. re: the odds of finding something, the rules were quickly changed to the first to find anything and shortly after to who could actually be bothered anymore, which we concluded was a tie. cosmobrown could have saved alot of money investing in friends, but to be fair have you seen the people who shop in argos?
pierced sg, Oct 21 2002

       the probability is actually quite high once youve got the just of how argos numbers are formed.they are all fairly similar. i think i got a girls tricycle on my 4th attempt while reliveing the boredom of being dragged there with my gran.
lau03205, Feb 21 2005


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