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The pickup line game.

A pub game.
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This game is best played with a group of guys who have gone out and are looking to get really pissed as well as get some action. A pack of cards with different pick up lines on them can be purchaced at joke shops and the like, then you go out with your friends and look around the bar, sombody picks a girl, you pick a card, you use the line on the card on the girl ie, If I were to ask you for sex would your answer be the same as the answer to this question? Or, hey I might not be the best looking guy in the room but I'm the only one talking to you, wich ever line fate delivers into your hands. The person who backs down and fails to use the pick up line on thier chosen girl must get the next round. My theory goes that as the night progresses and the guys standards drop further and further as they get more and more anhibriated their chances of going home with sombody will greatly increase and in most cases everyone will go home happy, weather they are still happy when they wake up in the morning next to a bohemeth is another matter. What ever the outcome though it would sure provide some interesting stories.
Gulherme, Aug 08 2002


       Why no annotations is it really that lame?
Gulherme, Aug 10 2002

       With so much misspelled text in one bite, it seems written by an "anhibriated" and has few "chances of going home with sombody" here.
FarmerJohn, Aug 10 2002

       haha I was in a hurry going to work.
Gulherme, Aug 11 2002


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