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Toggle-Squeak Door Hinge

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Click in the additional moving part of this door hinge and your door will now squeak whenever it is opened or closed. Click it out again to return your door to its normal quiet operation. Great for enhancing subtle awareness of activities in your house (when desired).
swimswim, Mar 02 2011

The_20Spooky_20Hinge Doesn't toggle. [swimswim, Mar 02 2011]

Squeaky_20hinge_20compound Really doesn't toggle. [swimswim, Mar 02 2011]


rcarty, Mar 02 2011

daseva, Mar 02 2011

       (+) Could be done with electronics. If so, might as well throw in a remote control for more fun. Volume control too, for when you're farther away.
cudgel, Mar 02 2011


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