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Staple Me Elmo

Safe stapler for kids to use at home.
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Suppose you have a home office, and suppose you have a stapler on your desk in your home office. Now suppose there are small kid(s) around who want to play "office" just like you do, but you are worried a real stapler might be too dangerous for them to use.

Your solution? Presenting, Staple Me Elmo! This wonderfully safe new product can fasten several sheets of paper together using a staple-free stapling process. This compact device comes concealed in the hand of every kid's favourite little monster, Elmo. The child simply places the corner of the pages he or she wants "stapled" together into Elmo's palm and shouts "Staple Me Elmo!" as they whack down on Elmo's hand. Viola! The pages are magically fastened together without any wire whatsoever.

Staple Me Elmo is clean, safe, and easy to use, and it leaves the paper fully shreddable and biodegradable! No rough metal edges to tear delicate skin or snag clothing! Nothing to rust!

Order yours today!

(Might have fit into Toy:Doll category but I figured the stapler part was the unique feature)

Canuck, Mar 26 2009

Staple-free Staplers (a review) http://www.cheapedi...taple-free-stapler/
Been around for many years. We'd need to find a red one for Elmo, though. [Canuck, Mar 26 2009]

Taser me Elmo??? http://www.cbc.ca/c...-taser-inquiry.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 26 2009]

Cute staple-free staplers in dog and cat shapes. http://www.random-g...aple-free-staplers/
[jutta, Mar 26 2009]

(?) They come in a range of colours, too. http://greenopolis....tapler-the-original
[Canuck, Mar 27 2009]

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       Are you worried about the staples themselves, or about the form factor of a normal stapler, eg. the danger of pinching? If it is about the latter, there are many staplers that look just like the staple-free-staplers in the link, and thusly have no pinching parts.
loonquawl, Mar 26 2009

       Damn. I was expecting a masochistic Elmo doll which encourages people, children or otherwise, to mutilate it with a stapler.
Spacecoyote, Mar 26 2009

       I keep think of another idea: Staple Me Ear Mo!
xenzag, Mar 26 2009

       Something about whacking Elmo appeals to me. I'd...oopps I mean my kid would break it in a minute.
blissmiss, Mar 26 2009

       //I was expecting a masochistic Elmo doll which encourages people, children or otherwise, to mutilate it with a stapler.//   

       + You're not alone in that.
Zimmy, Mar 26 2009

       //I was expecting a masochistic Elmo doll which encourages people, children or otherwise, to mutilate it with a stapler.// Definitely not alone.
MisterQED, Mar 26 2009

       You would have to be very careful what exactly can and cannot be stapled by such a thing if it is going to be sold to children. I believe the staple-free effect is acheived by blades so a child trying to use it to staple a younger sibling would still be dangerous.
Aristotle, Mar 26 2009

       This exists, except that it's not Elmo, it's other cute toy shapes. See link. (And what Spacecoyote said. You impale it with a merciless hail of sharpend steel spikes, it ... giggles.)
jutta, Mar 26 2009

       Might just have to get me one of themthar staplers.
wagster, Mar 26 2009

       //if its 5 taserings for a stapler, how many for a hole punch?//   

       Rubber bullet 500 meter gauntlet...or the capsaicin dip if it's wednsday of course.   


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