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The 1.2 Trillion Euro Man

Updated version of the classic Lee Majors slomo flicks
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Just imagine, with the latest Hollywood sfx, a budget close to what it would take to make the real cyborg and James Cameron directing Arnie, again.

"I'll be back.....Oscar!"

With all new gadgets incorporating USB connectors in his bionic arm, removeable appendages (hairy, non-hairy, waterproof), and a new "beep beep beep" sound effect for his bionic eye, the future would, once again, be safe.

Maybe Lee Majors could be back AS Oscar Goldman. "Dunno how to fix that Steve, but would you like to buy this watch?"

Skybird, Jan 10 2001

(?) The Six Billion Dollar Man http://www.corona.b...ails/sixmilman.html
Originally scripted by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma), last reported to be attached to the Farrelly Bros. of "There's Something About Mary" fame. [mrkillboy, Jan 10 2001]


       Of course, the 1.2-Trillion-Euro Man dresses all in black and chain-smokes.
bookworm, Jan 10 2001

       ... but he's much healthier than his American counterpart. He gets two months' vacation every year, and he's never been shot.
1percent, Mar 29 2001

       Barely alive...we can rebuid him...CHCHCHCH
thumbwax, Mar 30 2001

       UnaBubba: A french Sean Connery? Kind of a reversed Highlander then.
[ sctld ], Jun 06 2001


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