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Wheely Cooker

When you've got 4 dishes to make, and only two legs
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A gas cooker unit prefitted with wheels that are locked in a position to move smoothly in a circular motion- clockwise or anti- clockwise.

If you're making quite a few dishes all you need to do is move the unit to the left or right and just stir the food as you go along. No longer the need to shuffle around the cooker, or helplessly get caught in the desicion wether to tackle the potatoes on the left or the cabbage on the right. Can help to achieve a more methodological way of cooking.

The shape of the unit would have to be re-adjusted for the wheels. A round shape for the unit- or the cooker itself could be made round.

A rotating cooker could also work for kitchens that dont have a central island cooker. For cookers that are backed up against the wall, if changed to a circular shape, and the nearby worktops to envelope the circular design, the rotating cooker could still be achieved.

chocolateraindrops, Aug 17 2005

Circular Wheely Cooker http://www.primogrill.com/2000.html
I keep wondering why no one has pointed out the obvious similarities between this product and the idea as it is written. It is gas-powered, has wheels, a revolving cooking surface, and has a circular shape with integrated circular worktops. [jurist, Aug 20 2005]


       MMMmmm chocolateraindrops....   

       Are you milk chocolate, dark, or semi-sweet?
DesertFox, Aug 17 2005

       dark chocolate when there's a thunder storm, milk chocolate when its a mild downpour, and white chocolate when its a slight drizzle!   

       I also come in orange and mint flavours, but that really depends on whether you live in the country side or the city. Which are you desertfox?
chocolateraindrops, Aug 19 2005

       I've been trying to figure out if I like this or not. The idea of hot stuff moving about in my kitchen is a little scary. esp. since I'm already a clutz with things that stand still.   

       btw, most definitely bitter-sweet.
dentworth, Aug 20 2005

       I may like this idea if the spinning part was inside the cooker (because I am a clutz as well). For example: Have it a round shape with the rack inside holding the food dishes, the rack would spin inside the cooker. You would rotate it until the dish you need to check is in front of you. Then I would buy one. It would save having to reach and getting burned, etc.
babyhawk, Aug 20 2005

       [jurist] the cooker that you've shown in your link isn't exactly the type of thing i am thinking of. Your one has table tops on either side that move along with the cooker-- the picture itself looks rather like a barbecue. I'm thinking of something that moves whilst the table tops are stationary.The only reason why I changed the shape of an ordinary square cooker to that of a circular one, is because it would obviously help the circular motion and have no dangerous corners sticking out into your stomach when cooking!   

       [babyhawk] i like your alternative propostion- instead of having the entire fixture rotary, why not just the inner components? thank you
chocolateraindrops, Aug 23 2005

       no prob. [chocolate]
babyhawk, Aug 23 2005


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