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Stovepipe Snorkel Hat

Topside air, filters, maybe a fan...
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Hidden inside this proper-height stovepipe hat is an air intake filtration system that blows filtered air around your face with just enough velocity to push inbound germy bits away and down. Now you get filtered air from directly above which is unlikely to be as contaminated with germy bits. Packed in tight and don't trust the overpressure air to do the job? Attach the snorkel or nose-oxygen clip and you're a hit in the public scene!

Tall wig style for the ladies!

RayfordSteele, Aug 10 2021

Beehive hairdo https://th.bing.com...aJ8?pid=ImgDet&rs=1
[Voice, Aug 10 2021]

Hat_20of_20Mist [xenzag, Aug 11 2021]

Air_20curtain_20hat_20and_20collar [pocmloc, Aug 11 2021]


       How high can it be before becoming uncomfortable? [+] for the whimsical idea. Or do you seriously see this happening?   

       The plasma hat sure looks promising. Do you think it's fake news? Thank you a1!
pashute, Aug 11 2021


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