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Where YOU are the Clergy
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This game is best played with four to eight of the open-minded and/or innebrieated. First you must make the commandments. Every member of your party supplies a number of secretly written commandments whose number depends on the number of players(i.e. five players or more would get two votes each four would get five.) If there are two of the same commandments, both are scratched. This prevents conspiricy, but more importantly, logical commandments. Everybody has one veto vote. Wars have started from much less. It is always uplifting to see how quickly freindly banter turns to threats. If you ever make it past that debacle, one equally frustrating begins. You must decide upon deites. You may decide upon Monotheism(one god), Polytheism(plural gods), or an atheist dogma(just a philosophy). These are divided into five 'traits of the one god', 'gods' or 'virtues', respectively The voting system is the same except that four players get three votes, five players get two votes, more than five get one vote, and vetoes are determined by a collective vote. Confused yet? Tough. Next, you do the 'Five paths to Heaven/Nirvana/Other' Same voting system as the 'traits/gods/virtues'. Now, if you have made it past that without crying or persuading with violence, there is one last vote. The 'Name of the Religon'. so everyone casts one vote per, get gets one secret veto. If more than one name remains, all players get one more secret veto to decide. Now to add an extra level of frustration to this, there is a dice element. Everyone rolls a single, six-headed die and, depending on the number, gets a certain 'Clergy Power'. The powers as follows:

1-One extra veto

2-Sole vote vor religon name

3-One veto free commandment vote

4-One veto free god/trait/virtue vote

5-One veto free path

6-One veto block

And remember; "God created all, but the Church created God."-The Jolly Misanthrope

The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 23 2005

Theocracy http://macbeth860.t...m/determinismbiotch
A picture of the game may make it less confusing [The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 23 2005]

Ecumenical Councils http://en.wikipedia...ecumenical_councils
[DrBob, Jun 23 2005]


       //God created all, but the Church created God.//   

       Bun just for that.
froglet, Jun 23 2005

       If you're going to get the inebriated involved then I suggest you call it something much more challenging like 'Ecumenical Council'.
DrBob, Jun 23 2005

       whose round is it then?
po, Jun 23 2005

       //innebrieated// I think I have had too many already <rubs eyes>
po, Jun 23 2005

       "Anti-Ecumenical Dogmatic Ecclesiasticism" now that you mention it would be an even more baddas title. Because 'ecumencial' suggests Christian veiws, and I plan on this offending Christians, as well as empowering inebriates. Thanks DrBob!
The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 23 2005

       Vocabulary was too complicated for me (native spanish speaker) to understand everything, but it's well thought out and sounds like fun.
Pericles, Jun 24 2005

       inebriated* conspiracy* friendly* deities* Religion* vor (sic)? religion*   

       Long ideas such as this make it possible to create a Halfbakery Spaeds deck --- Common misspellings (Transposed vowels, Wrong consonant, Wrong vowel , Transposed Consonants) standing for each of the four suits, the same word twice counting as a royale card.   

       The idea has four Wrong Vowels (2 religon, conspiricy, deites); a pair of Wrong Consonants (innebriated, vor); and a Transposed Vowel diphthong (freindly). Could be read as three pair with one pair royale, plus one out on the bench.
reensure, Jun 24 2005

       I don't think this game would do too well in the Bible belt. Everyone would create the monotheistic Christian god and thus end the debates prematurely before the real fun would begin. Then someone would bring up the idea that this game was sacreligious and then spark a debate that would cause a schism in the local church resulting in a theological rural gang war scenario involving drive bys in beat up trucks and flaming molotovs in half the neighbors'/infidels' houses   

       Now that I think of it, a Theological Rural Gang War would be an awesome game.   

       That was my agenda all along, TAO. After the Theological Rural Gang War, these peasent's leaders would be dead, and their minds exhausted. And THEN I take over... Mwa ha ha! P.S. to reensure: I am proud of my medeeokre engwish skills.
The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 24 2005


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