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The Adscreen

An LCD screen attached to your wall that plays commercials
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This is similar to a horrible idea that came out a while ago. Banner ads would play on your computer and you would get paid some small amount of money per ad. This takes the idea one more horrible step.

After filling out a qualitative/quantitative questionaire, an LCD screen is installed in your home that plays targeted TV Commercials. Whenever you turn it on you are paid some small amount of money per ad. It requires you interact with it in some uniqe way every five minutes so that it knows you are not cheating it.

Note: the commercials this device plays are different than your average 30second. They are short films, interactive games, etc., but all are, indeed, commercials.

You also get discounts on select products you interact with.

SpocksEyebrow, May 10 2005


       What a sad idea. I expect we'll be seeing it in about ten years.
normzone, May 10 2005

       Now, from the position of an advertiser this is a good idea, if the ROI pans out... The whole thing could be positioned as something cool not just some invasive ad scheme. We could make it an exclusive thing so only some people would get it, making everyone want it. Oooh the trickiness.
SpocksEyebrow, May 10 2005

       Arrg, noooo! Heh. I had a realistic dream a few years back where I was in downtown Seattle and the entire city was one contiguous building resembling a mall. And... all the walls in the place were covered with fifteen foot tall plasma screens playing video advertisments! I suspect that this will come to pass in just a few years. (A couple of years after this dream, I saw the movie "Minority Report," and the walls in their city had just such advertisments.)
wbeaty, Jul 30 2006


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