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Subliminal confetti advertising

Your conscious defenses are irrelevant.
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Everyone loves confetti now that it is environmentally correct. But how to leverage this rediscovered passion into a means to subvert the conscious defenses of the populace so that they buy your product, and buy it again, through hard to control subconscious urges? It is such matters that occupy the BUNGCO thinktank.

Consider: a word, scrambled, but with first and last letters intact, will still be recognized as that word. But the sentries of skepticism are bypassed when the puzzle-solving nucleus of the brain does the decoding, then presents the results via the postern gate.

BUNGCO Subliminal Confetti breaks down your message into letters, each printed on a piece of confetti. And it is environmentally correct. First and last letters are overrepresented. On encountering a cloud of environmentally correct confetti, the message with be interpreted and understood subliminally. Confetti still adherent to their bodies, consumers will charge out cash in hand to buy!

But wait - the next generation, Subsubliminal confetti offers an additional means of conscious obfuscation. These environmentally correct confetti are small - nanoconfetti, if you will - such that the letters are barely visible. The viewer has only the impression of the message, unaware even that a nanoalphabet soup swirled around her or him. Then its buy buy Buy!

bungston, Jan 26 2009




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