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UV Graffiti

Gang signs without the aggro
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[AJCorwley]'s idea about UV water got me thinking...

Why don't graffiti gangs mark their territories with UV markers and UV spraypaint. Invisible in daylight, they can still be beautiful works of multi-colored art under UV light.

This way, they won't get over painted, scrubbed off or defaced. Police will be less likely to arrest the artists. Property won't be devalued.

Credit too to the movie Blade (Vampire glyphs)

FloridaManatee, Apr 17 2003

Panic PIN http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Panic_20PIN
UV Water Anno [FloridaManatee, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Whiter than white http://www.howstuff....com/question59.htm
Scroll down a bit. That's "phosphors", bris, not "phosphorous". [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       The whole point of graffiti (if there _is_ any) is for everyone to see it. What point is there to create art if you need to walk up to the wall with a UV light to see it?   

       //beautiful works//: I don't know where you're seeing your graffiti, but the majority around here are same layered-letters, gang-tag dribble plastered on every dumpster and back-alley door.
Cedar Park, Apr 17 2003

       In terms of avoinding the police, this was a technique suggested by Gone in 60 Seconds. The real-life drawback is that few UV dyes are invisible in daylight, since it contains much UV. (This is how paper companies can sell paper with a brightness greater than 100, and washing powders can be "whiter than white" - they are using UV dyes.)
DrCurry, Apr 17 2003

       Really? I thought that whiteness was due to the inclusion of phosphorus materials. (maybe that's the same thing).
bristolz, Apr 17 2003

       I think you could make some really good graffiti with UV paint. If not to disguise it; to enhance the art work. I too have seen some beautiful artwork. Unfortunately it is few and far between, and most graffiti is worthless tat. You know if I were a building owner, I'd pay good money for decent artwork. PS Some community artwork is quite good too.
AJCrowley, Apr 17 2003

       I've been to some places in Brooklyn and Queens where the graffiti art is jaw droppingly beautiful. Even [UnaBubba] would like it...
snarfyguy, Apr 17 2003

       SHoot. I originally had it as phosphors and thought "no, that's not right"
bristolz, Apr 18 2003

       I think the key here would be to mix the paint with a color to match the background. There are flowers which appear black to us but which reflect in UV and are attractive to bees which can see these wavelengths. I deduce that the fact that UV is reflected does not necessitate that the daylight color is white (like the detergents) or black but can be any color.   

       So: incorporate UV reflection into a gray, concrete colored paint.
bungston, Apr 18 2003

       There are obviously UV dyes (especially in nature) which do not fluoresce and thus are invisible to us. But then they won't work for the stated purpose. Think about it.
DrCurry, Apr 18 2003

       I have thunk about it but am too slow too understand why they would not work for the stated purpose. Good doctor, please elaborate.
bungston, Apr 18 2003

       I wonder if you could make invisible olfactory graffiti for dogs? But then I suppose that's what lamposts are for. The flagpoles of the canine world.   

       How about braille graffiti, with stylized dots that are all but unreadble to most blind folk. You could use cans of that spray on sealant-stuff instead of spray paint.
dustmonkey, Apr 19 2003

       [dustmonkey] How are the blind gonna know where to feel for the graffiti? Audible sounds like at crosswalks?
jackhandy, Apr 19 2003

       Braille grafitti! Brilliant! I love it. You should post it as an idea in its own right.   

       [UB]: Can't find photos of the stuff I'm thinking of (the Phun Factory, in particular) on the web. I guess I should go take my own...
snarfyguy, Apr 19 2003

       Yeah, mostly I agree with you, UB. For each graffiti (grafittoe?) masterpiece there's at least twenty stupid scrawls that just mess the place up. I'm all for for art cropping up in unlikely places; but if all you've got to say is just your signature, then to me that's just vandalism.
dustmonkey, Apr 20 2003


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