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Ungrateful Youth Exchange Program

Teach your pampered kids to appreciate what they have.
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Mom, I need an X-Box 360, the other kids laugh at my PS2. Mom, I need another pony. Dad, can I have a faster car... please Dad!

Do your kids have no idea how lucky they are? Sign them up for our "Ungrateful Youth Exchange Program". Your child will take part in a cultural exchange with a family in West Africa, Southern India, or Northern China.

As the "wealthy family", you are responsible for all costs and airfares. In return, your spoilt brat will be hosted for three months in a village without water or education facilities. They will sleep on a mat on the floor, and will eat beatles... if they're lucky!

In return, you will host a far more deserving child who has never had a decent chance at life.

For a little extra, your child can also be beaten and sold into slavery to the local guerilla movement, while you get to keep the well-behaved and grateful young child you have received in exchange.

the_jxc, Nov 22 2005

"Hiring the wagon and actors was expensive, but the improvement..." http://www.askdreld...om/FA_070130001.jpg
[normzone, Sep 28 2007]


       Ouch. Awful, yet amusing.
Darkelfan, Nov 22 2005

       Truly. The whole idea makes me think of South Park, and the look of shock Starvin' Marvin had on his face when Cartman tried to explain appetizers: "It's what you eat before dinner to make you more hungry."   

       I bet you would see a similar look of shock quite often from the underprivileged children.
sleeka, Nov 22 2005

       //and will eat beatles... if they're lucky!// I'd consider myself lucky to eat an ex pop star, and I don't even live in one of these poorer countries...Oh wait...no I wouldn't.
fridge duck, Nov 22 2005

       A good twist may be:   

       Any parent who signs their kids up for this should be carted off for the adventure themselves. The parents get swapped. That 3rd world mommy will whip your kids into shape, something you were afraid or unwilling to do. In the meantime, you see how people live with less, and on your return are more steadfast in not spoiling your own kids.   

       The parent is the only person who has no right to complain when the kid is spoiled. They are the cause, for crying out loud! And, for the record, I am both a parent (and a former kid)
sophocles, Nov 23 2005

       Exchange programs are long established, and a great way of showing your kids how the other half, or the French, or whoever, live.   

       I certainly enjoyed the ones I went on.
DrCurry, Nov 23 2005

       We have something in common there [sophocles], I used to be a kid too!...
Minimal, Nov 23 2005

       I still am a kid... good thing I took boyscouts! Even if my peers mock me for it...
EvilPickels, Nov 23 2005

       Where did you take the boyscouts?
calum, Nov 23 2005

       //Where did you take the boyscouts?// And more to the point, did you put them back?
coprocephalous, Nov 24 2005

       This Idea comes back intermittantly. I think it's fun to see it for a short time, though.   

       I think the concept falls under the category of "punish parents who fail their kids by making them fail another less privileged kid". (-) for the making the assumption that a kid that is lucky to eat beetles is "a far more deserving child" than a kid who won't be happy without a black xBox 360.
reensure, Nov 24 2005

       //beaten and sold into slavery\\   

       And this is legal HOW?
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 27 2007

       What's in it for the host family? They lose a hard-working child in exchange for a spoiled one.
Worldgineer, Sep 27 2007

       Hi [Worldgineer].
Texticle, Sep 27 2007

       Hi [text].   

       Did I mention this happened to me once? Damn spoiled Belgian foreign exchange students.
Worldgineer, Sep 28 2007

       //What's in it for the host family? They lose a hard-working child in exchange for a spoiled one//   

       Your child will of course "need" to bring along his own home entertainment system, a generator, and several changes of clothing to be comfortable. If you opt for the "little extra" whipping and selling your child into slavery option, the host family manages to accrue the profits from selling the child into slavery, and will likely be able to keep all the fine toys your children brought along. That generator will light their village for years to come, and your child's laptop with cellular modem will allow them to sell everything they don't need on Ebay.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 28 2007


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