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Stun Steeringwheel

stun gun built into the steering wheel
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Hidden in a package just below the air bag is an air taser( the type with darts and wires). Sensors in the doors and ignition detect the car has been opened and started with out the key, and upon feeling human weight in the seat it fires the gun and stuns the would be thief while sounding a standard alarm. Also if the car felt you were trying to escape, it would ZZZZap you again, holding you till the police get there.
Mr_Turner, Apr 20 2006


       To stun whom? The driver? Obnoxious passengers? Fellow motorists?   

       Ayway, I think this fails the cruel and unusual test.
DrCurry, Apr 20 2006

       Judging a book by it cover I see. I posted the title by accident and Doc judged it before seeing the text.
Mr_Turner, Apr 20 2006

       I think the smart car thief would take to carrying a small heavy cloth to throw over the steering wheel center.
half, Apr 20 2006

       Not if they kept it a seeeeeeecret.....   

       [DrC] I like the //obnoxious passengers// part.
DesertFox, Apr 20 2006

       I wonder if the charge could be passed through the steering wheel - at a level just high enough to force the would-be thief to grip it and be unable to let go.
fridge duck, Apr 20 2006

       Ah - *car thieves* - I think we did that one already.
DrCurry, Apr 21 2006

       Re:( half ) True the word would get out, through the jail system.   

       Re: ( fridge duck ) That was my first thought,but rubber gloves would protect you from that.   

       Note: It takes less than 1 amp to kill someone.   

       Even though this bombed it gave me a better idea...but that one I'll keep to myself, because it could be worth something.
Mr_Turner, Apr 21 2006

       Well you learned that a lot faster than I did. :]   

       My wealth of experience comes exclusively from watching crooks on TV shows, but don't you have to bend down to hot-wire a car. The taser could very easily miss you.   

       Keeping good ideas secret is in itself a good idea [Mr_T]. If I ever have any, I'll probably do the same.
hidden truths, Apr 24 2006


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