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Taser Launcher

EvilPickels would want one
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A multiple sided taser (like a ninja star) will be placed in a modified grenade launcher and will be shot out at a target (preferably pneumatic powered.) It will be stabilized by spinning horizontally. When the target is hit it will be immobilized by the shock. The electricity will start as soon as it is launched, and will stop when it's internal battery dies. It can be picked up and recharged, meaning the tasers are reuseable. The weapon is non-lethal and in case the battery dies before it hits the target it would still hurt it because it flies very fast. But it is still basically an immobilizer, just like a regular taser.
croissantz, Dec 18 2004

Bola-ing for dollars. http://www.flight-toys.com/bolas.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 19 2004]

xrep http://www.engadget...n-fired-projectile/
a launchable taser. [ye_river_xiv, Mar 25 2007]


       I hate you. << product of bad mood and distasteful random(ism).
EvilPickels, Dec 18 2004

       It's a fun idea - although I think I'd rather throw them by hand, rather than pnuematic launch. Perhaps it could have an on switch activated by centrifigal force, using whatever they replaced the old mercury contact switches with.   

       We love you [EvilPickels]
normzone, Dec 19 2004

       Avast! By my beard!! Electric ninja death stars!! Could you add a yoyo in there somewhere?
Belfry, Dec 19 2004

       It SOUNDED good on the drawing board...   

       (EvilPickels) I tried not to insult you.
croissantz, Dec 19 2004

       Tazer Bola's'd be bitch'n.   

       //(EvilPickels) I tried not to insult you.//   

       Well, I was in a bad mood (as almost always), at the time and didn't really know what to think of the comment. Meh, I take it back... I guess...   

       EvilPickels << confused.
EvilPickels, Dec 19 2004

       "The weapon is non-lethal and in case the battery dies before it hits the target it would still hurt it because it flies very fast."   

       Why not just hit them with a beanbag then? At least it's plausible. [+-]
5th Earth, Dec 19 2004

       Heard about the XREP? [linky]   

       I don't think you could have heard about this when you posted it, but the idea is now... sort of... baked.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 25 2007

       I'd like to own an XREP. CJ Cherryh preheated that concept in one of her recent Foreigner novels perhaps three or four years ago.
normzone, Mar 26 2007


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