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Twin targeting laser

Ideally - but not necessarily - for Taser-type weapons
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Simply put, a twin-laser system for aim enhancement, which uses the traditional red dot as a range finder, and then a green laser dot appears, either in its place or adjacent to it, when the optimal effective range is reached. The idea here is primarily intended for Taser-type weapons, because of the way their prongs spread apart when fired. They are most effective when there's at least several inches between the points of entry on the target.

Alternatively, and perhaps even more ideally, it could also simply have a separate laser pointer for each prong, spreading apart with distance on the target to show where each prong will hit.

21 Quest, Mar 22 2021


       //separate laser pointer for each prong//   

       This is the way to go, and, it's easy to implement and gives a fast visual reference.   

       I understand from law enforcement types, that the Taser isn't as good as people perceive. It's range is supposed to be up to 35ft, but in real world conditions with clothing etc. it's half that. Meaning that you have to be within a step and a leap from your target. They're pretty slow also, meaning a miss is very likely with a moving target.   

       I think what the dual laser system would show is that the Taser orientation is all wrong, if you need to get two barbs in for an effective take down, why would you want horizontal spread when humans are longer than they are wide? Even better would be a multi-barb system, you could fire 4, send a series of test pulses to see which barbs hit the target, then send the Voltage down the appropriate pair.
bs0u0155, Mar 22 2021

       Civilian models are even shorter range. All ranged Taser- brand models have a stated effective range of 15 ft. They have a targeting laser, but that doesn't help with determining range or orientation.
21 Quest, Mar 22 2021

       I wonder if you could make a single-wire Taser by oscillating quickly like a Tesla coil? You have to oscillate extremely quickly to make anything of the limited capacitance in a normal Tesla coil, but the capacitance would be dramatically increased if you embedded one end of the secondary in a person. Sadly, my knowlege of high-voltage tuned circuits isn't more than "enthusiast" grade.
bs0u0155, Mar 22 2021


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