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Third party Taser cartridges

Amazingly, these don't seem to be a thing!
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The title pretty much says it all. Third party Taser cartridges, with varying loads. Some might only pulse for a few seconds before they can be ejected, freeing up the contact prongs for more immediate use. Some might have longer or shorter leads, some might have customizable spread. Some might have unbarbed prongs that are easier to remove without injury. Some might have contact prongs that can be used while the cartridge is loaded. This would be useful if there were multiple assailants.

I've been looking into these things for carrying on my person while working in my taxicab, and it seems to me that these ranged Taser devices provide a whole world of self defense potential that isn't being realized.

21 Quest, Mar 23 2021

Solution for [21]'s taxi https://www.youtube..._channel=DickWatson
first 40 seconds... [whatrock, Mar 23 2021]

Very, Very bright light. https://www.youtube...watch?v=Pit33Lng2so
[bs0u0155, Mar 25 2021]


       Keep safe in your cab - I'm sure 99.9% of the time everyone's nice and congenial, but it must be nerve wracking waiting for that 0.1%. I'm not sure what the best thing could possibly be for someone in the front of the car, confronting someone in the back seat (which I suppose is the most likely scenario you might be guarding against? I don't know) At least a taser is a less-than-lethal option and less likely to incur expensive upholstery cleaning bills. What about those shotgun shell perimeter alarm things? If you wired up one or two of those in the footwell, you could scare the living bejesus out of an attacker with a bunch of loud bangs, distracting them long enough to get yourself to a safe place and consider your options. Of course, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about and this might fit better in a remake of a Home Alone movie, than a practical self-defense option, the main thing is that you stay safe. Peace.
zen_tom, Mar 23 2021

       Where is 8th when we need his pyrotechnic expertise? Be safe +
xenzag, Mar 23 2021

       Xenzag, that occured to me as I posted this. ZT, the upholstery cleaning was actually a huge concern I had! It's never talked about in these things!
21 Quest, Mar 23 2021

       Surely a more certain way of keeping safe in your cab would be to have a passenger ejector seat, which can be activated by the driver?
hippo, Mar 23 2021

       Hippo, if I could eject the unruly passenger without ejecting my seat, we're onto something.
21 Quest, Mar 23 2021

       Then it will be like printer ink and razor blades, where they sell the cheap taser and get you on inflated cartridge pricing. Could be a business opportunity.
tatterdemalion, Mar 23 2021

       Tatter, that's pretty much exactly what I'm surprised DOESN'T exist.
21 Quest, Mar 24 2021

       hmmm, a sign, or a verbal notice that the occupant will be filmed, live streaming, for the duration of their trip, (whether real or not), will eliminate most if not all potential threats.   

       Think about it. I'm pretty sure they can't stop you from filming your own work-place... or faking it.   

       Whatrock, that's a CLASSIC!
21 Quest, Mar 25 2021

       //Whatrock, that's a CLASSIC!//   

       That was back in 1981, when it wasn't feasible in any affordable way. Now, you could easily install a few kW of ultrabright LEDs to achieve essentially the same outcome. Something like <link> would be difficult to cope with in a confined space.
bs0u0155, Mar 25 2021


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