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Trailer cozy of Medusa!!

Manufactured housing has a rep yet it is cheaper. We cunningly create a franchise that does two things scoops out a little dirt then drops a ritzy trailer on the place then sprays it with decorative concrete, then puts on siding so it looks like a built house.
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I read about appliance cozies recently. The dwelling, a machine for living(tm) could simply have a cozy placed on it to make it a machine for social acceptance(tm).

Optimally you would have Medusa simply gaze at a recreational vehicle to create a dignified masonry dwelling.

Being human though I suggest a franchise firm that just pours concrete on RVs or linked RVs then places siding on them.

Welcoming our new radioactive future, the concrete could have minute amounts of hafnium isomer plus a mineral that puffs when the hafnium is triggered to emit radiation. This causes all of the concrete to turn to powder.

NB: as it happens Edison spent huge amounts on creating precast concrete forms to mass produce housing, It didn't work for him either.

(Tm) are associated with Corbusier, Veblen respectively.

beanangel, Jun 25 2010

(?) Thomas Edison: Ahead of His Time? http://www.american...6/3/1996_3_50.shtml
Who knew? [Grogster, Jun 26 2010]


       I also think this is a terrible idea. I am just rebelling against what I was told about the actual effects of grammar on the future. Like, how to capitalize (Tm) Do we just presume the paren is capitalized or shift capitalization to the letter?   

       I actually think the Medusa part is a good idea. It would be better if mobile home dwellers put up an emblem of Medusa on their dwellings hoping that she will seek their out dwelling then expose it to her visage to transform it to a dignified mineral construction.   

       Parallel universe theory suggests that Dorothy's Journey to Oz with a house could have actually have been an appointment with a dwelling mineralization specialist such as the Construction Witch of the East.
beanangel, Jun 25 2010

       I love it, except for the radiation part. I think it completely solves the problem of having an inexpensive but socially acceptable house.
Voice, Jun 25 2010

       //Medusa simply gaze at// Backwards. You somehow have to get the recreational vehicle to gaze at the Medusa. c.f. I Kant on Subject & Object, and T Nagel's seminal "What is it like to be an RV." I believe it was Nietzsche who said "You stare at the RV long enough and the RV begins to stare back"
mouseposture, Jun 26 2010

       Increasing the radiation solves a couple of problems as well.   

       Bun just for the discovery of sentences, capitalization, and periods.
RayfordSteele, Jun 26 2010


       I do understand the need to splurge out an idea at a rate of knots and run off. Sometimes you just need to dump. That thought does sort of assume you are writing these ideas directly, and i'm not sure you are.
nineteenthly, Jun 26 2010

       [21] the covered house won't bring down property values, the tailor need not be seen at all (erect a big fence while you spray the cement) and the siding is for a house that started life as an RV or two or three.
Voice, Jun 26 2010

       link to Edison prefabs please
Voice, Jun 26 2010

       [link] Whaddayaknow. Bun to [bean] for helping Edison's dream come true... [+]
Grogster, Jun 26 2010

       I like this, but the title is too short.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 26 2010

       had me at "Trailer Cozy"[+] ... I'm not going to chance spoiling it by reading the actual idea.
FlyingToaster, Jun 27 2010


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