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virtual personal clothes modeling and ad system

Displays virtual model of a person wearing fashions
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Upon arriving in a clothes-store, a person is scanned and photographed (perhaps surreptitiously), and a store computer generates a virtual model of that person, wearing new fashions that are for sale at that store.

Ideally, you'd walk into the store, and instantly see yourself on the display, modeling clothes.

Or perhaps, as a "magic mirror" like device that is similar to looking into a mirror, but the system replaces what you are wearing with virtual clothes. (Quicker than actually trying them on.)

wod_observer, Dec 25 2009

Popgadget Personal Technology http://www.popgadge...turn_yourself_i.php
One of several [csea, Dec 25 2009]

My Virtual Model http://www.mvm.com/
Opening Jan, 2010 [csea, Dec 25 2009]


       lookout world, Victoria's Secret's here I come...
FlyingToaster, Dec 25 2009

       I really like this idea, testing out clothes is the worst thing ever. And its hard to figure out whether it looks good or not. It wouldnt be so hard technical either, a lot of scanners and cameras would make it possible.
bengtnick, Dec 25 2009

       Very convenient and a good way to advertise clothes, though depending on implementation it might be a privacy concern for the customers.
Inyuki, Dec 25 2009


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