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Sugar Dot & Cream Mate

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Had sugar dot candy today from a party goody bag Had them for breakfast.

For anyone who does not know Sugar Dot candy is essentially drips of sugar on a narrow strip of paper solidified. You peel them off to eat them, They are different colors but all taste the same like sugar. The dots are approximately 3/16 - 1/4 " in diameter.

Always have been a big fan of sugar cubes, easy to cut back on sugar when you can measure precisely.

It struck me this morning while I was fixing my tea.

Tear off a strip and drop it in for a precise measure of sugar. Then I thought why not make the paper from some kind of dissolving creamer or from dried milk.

Programs for flavoring could be printed on dissolving creamer paper. 4 dots of sugar 2 dots of hazelnut flavor on a 4" length of dissolving skim milk creamer paper.

vfrackis, Jul 06 2009


       broken tea = coffee   

       i was not drinking coffee
vfrackis, Jul 06 2009

       No no no-- coffee is not broken tea. Coffee is New World tea.
swimswim, Jul 06 2009


       Seems like there should be a mescaline version of this.
MikeD, Jul 06 2009

       How can I envision what the hell 3/16 is? random much?
simonj, Jul 07 2009

       Practise on simpler fractions.
pertinax, Jul 07 2009


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