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Weather Based Wallpaper

Type in a zip code and your animated wallpaper will update to match the sky of that area.
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I want a program that sets your wallpaper as a computer generated picture of the sky. Instead of simple, auto-updating weather icons you can download, this program would display the sky of the entered zip code and you can determine the weather from that. In addition to showing if it's raining or snowing or sunny, it could show the sun rising in the morning and seating in the evening to make way for the moon and stars.

To give you an extra thing to play around with, what if via a drop down menu in the top right corner, you could type in different zip codes to see any area's sky. For example, type in Miami's and watch a sunset on the beach, type in New York's to see how cold your cousins are today. Then save your favorite zip codes so that it's easy to go back to them with a few clicks!

So... what do you think?

billybob5982, Oct 26 2006

Similar concept, but far less sane Weathered_20OS
Courtesy of [lostdog]. [Shz, Oct 27 2006]

Duffy London http://www.hiddenar...ce77526583336dd&s=1
I think this is a wonderful low-tech alternative. [zen_tom, Oct 27 2006]


       I like it. Windows™ for people without windows.
Worldgineer, Oct 26 2006

       Byargh. I've seen something exactly like this only a week ago. It should still be haunting around download.com (BTW I don't keep history so I probably won't find it). Good job for a (semi) original idea.
Raithah, Oct 26 2006

       Where are video walls? And where the hell are flying cars?
daseva, Oct 26 2006

       However much this idea sounds baked, I am either destined not to find it, or are not detirmined enough to type the search terms into Google. I can't for one moment believe it's not baked, but the fact that I can't easily find it leads me to the possibility that it's not. Hence Bun. +
silverstormer, Oct 26 2006

       I think apple could do this nicely.
BJS, Oct 27 2006

       You could try it to make it yourself www.autoit.com get beta version and scite
nustada, Oct 27 2006

       You could try it to make it yourself www.autoitscript.com get beta version and scite
nustada, Oct 27 2006

       Least typed in ZIP? Anywhere in WA between Sept. and May. It is always the same (gray). But I do like the idea, especially the looking at other skies part.
PollyNo9, Oct 27 2006

       Oh bollocks - I thought this was for *real* wallpaper - still, as a desktop thingy, it might be quite diverting for a bit.
zen_tom, Oct 27 2006

       //Oh bollocks - I thought this was for *real* wallpaper//   

       That's called damp and dry rot.
skinflaps, Oct 27 2006

       //Oh bollocks - I thought this was for *real* wallpaper//   

       So did I, which would be amazing! Just as doable, perhaps with a projector or one of those new high-tech roll-out screens.   

       "Make the wall the sky...
theleopard, Oct 27 2006

       Weather information providers use some icons to represent it, the server choose what image is going to use (sun, rainy clouds, snow, wind, moon) based on the data it recieves and in your location.   

       Your idea could be done very simple: Using a program that "changes" your wallpaper every amount of time, pointing to a single web static image (i.e. weatherwallpaper.com/ yourarea/ bliss.jpg) the server will replace the image (bliss.jpg) with a new one, based on the formula already in use by the providers.
canoro, Nov 18 2007


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