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Suggestion Box Website for Local Firms

People contribute suggestions to improve a firm's product or service
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This idea revolves around a website where people can contribute ideas to make a service or a product better within the area they live in. The ideas would be aimed at local businesses who could benefit/improve their service or product for the betterment of people/animals rather than just solely for their profit. An example of an idea could be to promote a green cleaning service where an existing office cleaning service could offer to turn off non-essential pc monitors or lights that were accidentally left on overnight. This might earn kudos points with a potential customer, if s/he feels that such an additional service is an important one.

These ideas would be accompanied by contact details of local firms who could benefit from the idea, the purpose of which would be to encourage other people to write or email their backing of the suggestion to the local business mentioned in the idea. The more backing an idea gets, the more that local business may take note of it and the greater the chance it may be implemented.

So basically, it’s a suggestion box of helpful ideas aimed at local firms, where people contribute contact details of firms so that other people could contact these firms and put forward the helpful suggestion.

NumboJumbo, Jan 03 2009

Product Ideas for Google Mobile http://productideas.appspot.com/#16/e=cf
OK, it's not for a local business, but could be adapted for this purpose. [xaviergisz, Jan 04 2009]




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