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Shoot, scoop hat & boots

Walk and jigger
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A tall colourful hat which is worn upon the head that hurls small coloured balls through the centre and up through the top of the hat high into the air.

Catch the balls in cups attached to the uppers of a specially designed pair of boots, which will then return the balls to the hat via a backpack vacuum tube system.

A small backpack is worn harnessing an air suction and blower system.Air is blown through the tubes up the back into the hat which in turn hurls the balls upwards when the sole of the boot is pressed down.

When the sole is lifted it engages the suction of air through the cups on the uppers of the boots.When the balls are captured by moving your feet to catch them, or sometimes not, they are sucked up through the boots to the pack to then be blown through the roof of the hat again.

Suction can be manually triggered via a hand held device or by walking or jigging around trying to catch the balls.

Keep dogs well away.

skinflaps, Jan 07 2004


       A good lure when clown hunting.
FarmerJohn, Jan 07 2004

       I thought this was a [FJ] idea. Imagine my shock... I need a picture. Please.
k_sra, Jan 07 2004

       i have a very funny mental picture
benlevi7, Jan 07 2004

       a sharp slap to the head might cure that...
po, Jan 07 2004

       not usefull in any way   

       not practical   

       does not better mankind in anyway   

Space-Pope, Jan 07 2004

       //A good lure when clown hunting.//   

       Yeah, just setting traps for them never works; you only get their shoes. [+]
pertinax, Apr 25 2007

       As long as the balls don't fall on my head, I would gladly wear this.
ultra-toaster 3000, Oct 18 2009

       This is a very silly idea. +
nomocrow, Jul 08 2010

       So long as the hat could also catch the ball, this could easily be the basis for a harder form of basketball.
4and20, Oct 08 2012


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