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Superbowl Monopoly

(American) football board game
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You know those themed board games? This isn't one one them. This is a board game marketed as something to entertain you during an unexciting football game, or at least the first half.

I suppose it could be themed, but I would avoid football. Maybe it could focus on beer, or other commercial items. Anything but football.

swamilad, Feb 01 2004

The rules of college football. (NFL is similar, but different). http://www.cae.wisc...dwilson/rsfc/intro/
For po. [RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Maybe If American football didn't keep stopping every five seconds when someone gets tackled you wouldn't need to occupy your attention because the game would do that for you.
Deadlock'd, Feb 02 2004

       Superbowl's already pretty focused on beer and other commercial items.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 02 2004

       The take along version would be cheerleader bingo. You get a card with some sterotypical cheerleader jumps, chants, etc, and when you get 4 across, BINGO!
DonBirnam, Feb 02 2004

       can someone explain the rules of american football to me, heh I have an idea!
po, Feb 02 2004

       "Maybe it could focus on beer, or other commercial items. Anything but football."
Like buying and selling property. Oh... wait.
st3f, Feb 02 2004

       (drumming fingers, waiting for [po] to share idea)
Worldgineer, Feb 02 2004

po, Feb 02 2004

       Don't look at me [po]. I find the game to be a monumental waste of time.
half, Feb 02 2004

       The rules of American football:   

       1. Don't block the TV.
2. Don't sit in the opposing team's side of the stands wearing your team's colors.
3. The halftime show will never feature anyone whose performance career is on the rise.
4. American football will always be more interesting for Americans to watch than soccer; it's like a good movie plot, there is more climactic buildup and tension, and that is a necessary component in American sports. Soccer, on the other hand, is interpreted by American football fans as far too random in event sequence. 'The ball goes here, goes there, goes over there, comes back, GOAL...the ball goes over there...comes back over here....etc. You just don't know when to start biting your nails.
RayfordSteele, Feb 02 2004

       Sorry [Darkie], I wasn't clear about this: the game is intended to be played at home, while watching on TV. I guess that doesn't even begin to refute the rubbish claim.   

       [Deadlock'd], yesterday's game seemed especially slow; regardless of like or dislike for American football.
swamilad, Feb 02 2004


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