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Swap view gardening

Get together to give each other the view they want.
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You pay for and work on the distant area which is the view from your home and agree along with the neighbors to have your house painted externally and it's surroundings planted in accordance with your distant neighbor's taste.

This of course needs some kind of agency that organises all the people in the neighborhoods to agree on a desired plan for the landscaping keeping it in budget and all .

Rich neighborhoods might gain from the benefit of rennovating nearby delopitated neighborhoods turning the whole area is into a place people want to be near.

pashute, Feb 18 2018


       How quaint, living somewhere which can be seen from other residences!
pocmloc, Feb 18 2018

       It's not unknown. M'Lud Buchanan can see the hovels of some of his family's serfs from the special viewing gallery on the North bell tower of the South-East wing; the brass telescope for serf-spotting is an original Newton, and the eighty metre long fretted-ivory balustrade was solely responsible for the near-extinction of elephants in no less than three former British colonial posessions.
8th of 7, Feb 18 2018

       So, trading spaces, garden edition?
RayfordSteele, Feb 18 2018

       We will need to conifer with our branch office before we have leaf to make such deciduous.   


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