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Turbine Leaf Blower

Ditch the 2 stroke, and the 4 stroke.
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A traditional leaf blower has either an electric motor or two stroke piston engine driving a centrifugal compressor. It makes more sense to combine both the engine and blower- unit by using a small turbine engine. Small axial flow turbine engines are already on the market for just a few thousand dollars, and can produce large amounts of thrust compared to a typical home leaf blower. If one of these engines was combined with a collapsable tube and small fuel tank it would make a great lightweight but powerful blower.

Advantages include much more thrust and lighter weight (no huge backpack) meaning less work and risk of injury for lawn care workers. Jet engines can run multiple types of fuel including biofuels for eco-friendliness. Additionally, jet fuels are easier to come by and can be cheaper than the mixed fuel used by 2 stroke engines. The Jetcat model turbines I'm thinking of have FADEC control and electric starting, so no more trying to pull-start a leaf blower that has been sitting in the garage for a year.

Disadvantages are the high cost, extremely loud noise, and the possibility of hot or hung starts, failure to light off, flameouts, compressor stalls, and uncontained engine failure.

Before anybody says it, I know that there are turbine blowers out there, but most of them are very large and designed for debris or snow removal. This idea is for a small home leaf blower designed for consumers or lawn care services that can be kept on a shelf.

Optional afterburner available for snow and ice removal at additional cost and liability.

DIYMatt, Dec 13 2013

Biodiesel Leaf Blower Biodiesel_20Leaf_20Blower
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Jetcat P140 http://www.sitewave...&Category_Code=TURB
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Jetcat test. http://www.youtube....watch?v=ROUZ1mUKtN8
[DIYMatt, Dec 13 2013]


       Many kinds of leaves fall from trees to the ground. If humanity accepted that ancient fact of nature, we would be happier for it.
the porpoise, Dec 13 2013

       // afterburner //   

       Immediate napalm-scented bun.
8th of 7, Dec 13 2013

       but then the air intake would be a powerful deathtrap vacuum
EdwinBakery, Dec 14 2013

       It's only a matter of time before someone tries to make a pulse-jet leafblower.
sninctown, Dec 14 2013


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