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sugar absorbing cup

makes liquids less sweet
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This cup slowly exudes a nontoxic tasteless hydroxyl.
Voice, Jan 23 2011


       And does it also absorb sugar and make liquids less sweet?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 23 2011

       Good question, [MaxB]. I think I'll wait for clarification [ ]...
Grogster, Jan 23 2011

       Actually, would it not be simpler, yet equivalent, to develop a toxic, non-tasteless non-hydroxyl?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 23 2011

       Actually, using Boolean Logical Positivism, it is merely necessary to non-invent all things that are either toxic, tasteful, or non-hydroxyl.
mouseposture, Jan 23 2011

       Or, presumably, not necessary to invent them.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 23 2011

       I'm not sure about the equivalence of non-necessary invention to necessary non-invention -- that's an advanced topic, and I only did the first semester of BLP before switching my major to underwater basket weaving.
mouseposture, Jan 23 2011

       //Aquawicker?// I have no idea. I think I may have switched majors to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons not long after that. In the end, the Registrar grew as confused about my major as I was myself: the official transcript is a complete cop-out, just says "Contract Major."
mouseposture, Jan 24 2011

       Perhaps an idea for a catalyst surface that performs atomic reconfiguration on the sugar molecule, releasing it as a tasteless isomer. If that's the case the process would be termed 'sugar adsorbing'.
daseva, Jan 24 2011

       //catalyst surface// That could work. Substrate bound disaccharidases exist in nature, so that's half the battle already. In fact, membrane bound disaccharidase/transporter molecules exist. Here's how you could prototype the idea:   

       Kill a large animal -- maybe cow-sized -- and cut out a short segment -- maybe 8 inches or so -- of ileum (small intestine). Rinse gently in warm lactated Ringers, tie off one end, to make a blind sac, and insert into coffee mug, open end up, rolling the edges over the lip of the mug. Pour beverage into intestinal lumen. Disaccharides will be transported into the space between the intestine and the mug, leaving unsweetened beverage in the lumen of the gut, ready to enjoy. Would go great with haggis.   

       Proof-of-concept only; needs more R&D, since you don't want other molecules removed, and since you don't want to have to slaughter a fresh cow every time.
mouseposture, Jan 24 2011


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