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Stamina Sweets

Impress your mates with your lack of tastebuds.
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When I was a kid sweet shops had three kinds of sweets: baby sweets, usually gummy things in the shape of something else and sold loose; "proper" sweets, bars of chocolate, packets of mints, that kind of thing; and, finally, what I'll call "Big Boy" sweets. Sweets you only bought to impress your mates with how hard you were. Giant gobstoppers (so large they were actually painful to eat), things called "Red Devils" which were basically industrial-strength aniseed, and XXXtra Strong Mints, which had the power to burn their way clean through your tongue.

This takes that category of sweets a bit further. Imagine a tiny sweet - maybe like a Skittle only smaller. Instead of having a tiny "S" emblazoned on it it has the number "1". Over this is another layer, which this time has the numeral "2" on it. And so on and so on.

Thing is, each one of these layers tastes more disgusting than the one before. It could be that each is simply more minty than the last, or it could be that each one has a different, but incrementally more nasty flavour than the last (think of the fun kids would have trying to work out what the flavour actually was. "Number 3 tastes like your Mum's pants", "Number eight is spider poo", etc.)

As the kid keeps the sweet in his mouth, each successive layer slowly (all too slowly) melts away. Eventually it gets too disgusting, and has to be spat out. The number showing on the surface of the sweet indicates the layer the kid managed to get through to, and hence shows his mates how wimpy/hard he actually is.

lostdog, Mar 04 2003

Article about extreme candy http://www.wired.co...ive/7.06/candy.html
[snarfyguy, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Pynchon http://foner.www.me...er/Fun/gravity.html
Who can forget the Disgusting English Candy Drill? [mouseposture, Feb 23 2010]


       They have stuff like this, albeit not with incremental, numbered layers of disgustingness (I don't think).It's some kinda endurance acheievement to eat it...
snarfyguy, Mar 04 2003

       //Like those high-intensity sour candies, only graduated in strength//   

       Those ought to be classified as WoMD. The first time I tried one, I nearly snapped my spine. My face was so screwed up I gave myself permanent eye-lid wrinkles. The lines start at the central corner of my eye and radiate outwards. Very unusual appearance; like reverse crow's feet.   

       //Stamina Sweets//   

       I believe the the ancient Incas used to chew coca leaves. It is said to have allowed them to run like horses for a whole day.   

       Nowadays we have Red-Bull.
FloridaManatee, Mar 04 2003

       You could have special ones intended for consumption after beer, when one's tastebuds are blunted. Curry or chilli flavoured, and ten times as strong .....
8th of 7, Mar 05 2003

       Have you ever tried Swedish Salt licorice ? It's about 47 on the mom's pants spider poo scale
nichpo, Mar 05 2003

       Rats, the toxic waste candy in [blaise]'s first link is temporarily unavailable...
snarfyguy, Mar 05 2003


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