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Swiss Army Couch

Couch outfit with nested attachments for surviving the living room.
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urine reservoir
beer reservoir
back scratcher
belly scratcher
daseva, Mar 02 2010

Swiss Army couch... http://nerdapproved...iss-army-couch2.jpg
[xandram, Mar 02 2010]

As a fan of the New Yorker I set out on a search... http://www.quut.com...ew_yorker_cartoons/
only to inadvertently read an entire article by none other than the bakesperson! [rcarty, Mar 03 2010]

And heres a sweet article about ants from the NYer just because I liked it. http://www.newyorke...25fi_fiction_wilson
[rcarty, Mar 03 2010]

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       Did you see "Idiocracy"? The lawyer in the future is sitting in a lounge chair with many if not all of these features.
MisterQED, Mar 02 2010

       There was a New Yorker cartoon many years ago which depicted exactly this: a Swiss Army knife from which was protruding, on a little metal swivel, a full-sized couch...   

       Sadly, I can find no image on the webternet.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 02 2010

       That's interesting & relevant but not exactly 'exactly'. +
Mustardface, Mar 03 2010

       Good link find, [rcarty]!
jurist, Mar 03 2010

       Excellent links. That New Yorker story was probably one of my favorite of all time.
DrWorm, Mar 03 2010

       Which one? I had a feeling you guys could make this idea less worthless, thanks!
daseva, Mar 03 2010

       I'm really toasted. I keep reading it as "French Army Crouch." Now that would be someone who came fully equipped. Oh nooooo,..........sorry daseva...
blissmiss, Mar 03 2010

       [daseva]: The one about ants. It really made them seem sophisticated and, dare I say it, human.
DrWorm, Mar 04 2010

       This is a little too close to the "recliner that does everything" meme, but I eventually got to bun [2fries]' "Bobble Hydra" so it was worth it.
FlyingToaster, Mar 04 2010


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