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TV Wiper

Remove that annoying speck of dirt
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This is my first idea to break myself into halfbakery so plz go easy on me if this idea blows.

This idea came to me recently when i was watching a hockey game and halfway through the first period i noticed a dust speck on my screen and every now and then i would mistake it for the puck. i was laying comfortably and didnt want to get up but i had or i would go nuts.

Any way what the TV wiper is is a button that is on your remote that when pushed will make a wiper scrub along your tv fromone side to another, like a windshield wiper, usually the glass on the tv screen surrounded by a protruding plastic frame anyways so just make the wiper come out of there. I have really thought of the conciquences for adding wiper fluid into the situation but that might help.

Fluid and intermittent settings at different speeds is optional

plaguedcookies, Dec 28 2005


       drive the cat nuts too. welcome locust biscuits.
po, Dec 28 2005

       Nice first idea, Mr. Plagued! The idea of turning it on during a rainy scene in a movie also makes me laugh...
phundug, Dec 28 2005

       Will I be able to put it on intermittant?
Jscotty, Dec 28 2005

       Oh, come on! How lazy can you get? Just grab your hockey stick, tear off one shirt sleeve and wrap it around the tip of the blade, affixing it with hockey tape. Spit on the cloth then gently scrub the TV screen clean. Works for me!
Canuck, Dec 28 2005

       All that from inside the television?   

       Yes, fluid and intermittant settings, at different speeds, please.
normzone, Dec 29 2005

       How about modding accersories for the wiper like flashing lights that active when the wiper moves or different coloured wiper covers.
plaguedcookies, Jan 07 2006

       Maybe the screen should display a full-white screen while wiping, so you can see when it is done...   

       This invention is becoming less necessary now, as LCD, plasma and OLED screens (i think) are non static. Old fashioned CRT screen collect dust that has to be regularly wiped....
Minimal, Jan 09 2006

       i need one of these
bobathie, Jun 27 2007

       I can see this working a lot like those automatic cat litter boxes. It actually could be part of the sides of the TV with a vertical bar that moves across and into the other side where it hides away again. I could see this being a feature of all TV sets. There are enough lazy couch potatoes that would buy them so you definitely have the right market. Take it to the bank! ;)
IdeallyFourWord, Jun 28 2007


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