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Two-Stroke TV

Gasoline-powered TV sets
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The idea is to have a television set with a built-in gasoline-powered generator. Whenever you want to watch TV, just fill 'er up and pull the cord (make sure you turn on the closed captioning, though!) Different models could be rated by SPG. SPGs are Shows Per Gallon, one "Show" being the standard 30-minute sitcom. This would definitely help to manage the current overabundance of worthless petroleum in the world!
mr_sid, Jul 25 2002


       We have an overabundance of petrol? And there was me thinking that we needed to conserve our fossil fuels, I'll just go and drive my monster truck around the neighbourhood aimlessly then.
kaz, Jul 25 2002

       Admirably whimsical, perhaps, but I think the fumes in an enclosed space would seriously damage your health.
DrCurry, Jul 25 2002

       If it's as loud as my back-up generator, you'll never hear the audio! I guess this would work if you were watching a lumberjack competition though.
dag, Jul 25 2002

       Why not four stroke? You'd get more shows per gallon!
rep_movsd, Sep 21 2003

       Ads per gallon
phundug, Sep 22 2003

       minutes per litre
VJW, Dec 18 2010

       Memes per carcinoma.
baconbrain, Dec 18 2010

       //never hear the audio// Generate the audio by modulating firing of the engine itself - it worked for the Apple ][.
spidermother, Dec 19 2010

       Handy for camping. Two-Stroke kitchen appliances would be great also. Imagine a 5hp whisk. Ultra fast soup...
saedi, Dec 19 2010

       // a 5hp whisk //   

       Newton's Third Law. You'll have fun explaining that one to the attrending physician in A&E.
8th of 7, Dec 19 2010


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