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Most of my ideas deal with mechanical devices. I'm no computer programmer and only a half good audio producer. I am mainly interested in journalism, art, gardening, architecture, audio production, and natural methods of energy production.

Note: MrDaliLlama has more to do with Llamas than any form of religion.

E-mail Address: MrDaliLlama@aol.com

[Aug 28 2004, last modified Jun 13 2005]

(-4) AerodynaMICKS
(+2) Bombing a Landfill
(+2) Cellphone warning Microphone
(+1) Circuitboard Bricks
(+7, -1) Four-Leaf Clover Helicopter
 Gravestone Windmill
(+4, -1) Happy Sunflower Weedwacker
(+8)(+8) Headstone Clock
(+1) Hot Air Inside Car Charges Battery
 Landfill Air Freshener
(+4) Large Legs Rail Road Crossing
(+7, -2) Llama Laser Sights
(+3, -11)(+3, -11) Magnesium Earrings
(+2, -5) Penitence-o-meter
(+1, -3) Pidgeon/Window Generator
(-3) Spam-Custard
 Suspicious Package Costume
(+1, -3) The Common Sense Destroyer
 The Whipper-Snipper picker upper
(+5, -6) "This vehicle is about to explode" alarm
 Trashcan Rover
(+5) USB port for a car
(+5, -1) Vegan Wishbone
(+4, -12)(+4, -12) Wanking off Counter
(+4, -5) Water soluble Vacuum Egg
(-9)(-9) What does your subway/underground smell like?

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