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Un-Conform your uniform
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I have to wear a school uniform (But only for 31 more days!). I hate it. It's maroon and sky blue, and, as our school is private, we emulate an english school uniform, and hava a blazer andlong sleeves in the Australian Winter and Autumn (It's still hot), and a tie + long trowsers all year round.

I envision a small device, worn round the neck. You wear normal clothes, and the device. When the teacher or a visitor looks at you, the device projects the image of a uniform directly into their visual cortex. No more uniforms

QuadAlpha, Sep 19 2001


       Pseudouniforms are worn at public schools, and even non-state schools in areas like mine.   

       As for the idea, projecting an image into ones visual cortex? Do you think that teachers would consent to brain surgery in order to be duped? I wouldn't. Now under the guise of incredible super powers...
sdm, Sep 19 2001, last modified Sep 20 2001

       An "Emperor's New Clothes" amulet ...
Aristotle, Sep 19 2001

       Get a body tattoo in that style.
thumbwax, Sep 19 2001

       //Your problem, I believe, is in being a teenager, another thing that will be cured in time//

I'm on my last 6 months of being a teenager, I'd give anything NOT to have to grow up...
AfroAssault, Sep 19 2001

       If this came to fruition it would certainly beat picking away at your tie with a compass to customise your uniform. I still have disagreements with my boss over what constitutes "smart-casual" , so it goes beyond adolescence for some of us.
Redbrickterrace, Sep 20 2001


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