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Telephone Game Quality Metric

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Problem: how do you objectively measure a voip channel's voice quality?

Solution: play the telephone game.

1) system A tells system B a random word

2) system B records what it heard and tells it back to system B

3) system A records what it heard and tells it back to system A

4) loop 2) until a pre-determined max iterations

5) let human being listen to each iteration (from worst to best)

6) once a human can accurately make out what was said stop

The iteration number is the TGQM.

TGQM=0 horrible unusable TGQM=1 barely usable TGQM=1000 as crystal clear as it gets

(optional) instead of relying on human in the loop, a computer voice recognition module can do this. HTGQM (human TGQM) / ATGQM (artificial TGQM)

ixnaum, Jul 09 2014

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       [+] Ha!   

       (though you might want to deskcheck 2 & 3 before running... just sayin')
FlyingToaster, Jul 09 2014

       Search for PESQ and POLQA. There's a whole industry devoted to this with the basic idea of trying to build a mathematical model that can replace a human. The starting point is to do experiments to record people's perception of quality when presented with audio and video samples.
DenholmRicshaw, Jul 10 2014


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