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Temporary Registration

What's that you say, Officer? You could give a fuck about how I'm gonna get home?
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I carpooled with a friend this weekend to a student film shoot. We got pulled over at two in the morning (fucking midnight wrap times) and apparently my friend's registration was fucked. He'd bought the car from his brother, and his brother had switched some stuff around between the Honda and his pickup. To get to the point, the car didn't have insurance and couldn't be driven. At least, the sheriff wouldn't let us drive it. Perhaps if he had had the authority to issue temporary registration and plates, we could have been on our way and Jon could have updated his shit the next day. The ability would be treated somewhat like having a firearm--very carefully. If you're polite and sober, maybe the cop will let you drive it the rest of the way home. I'm not sure what rationale any insurance company would have to sponser this, but it would have prevented me freezing my ass off at Ray's Quik-Stop.
Eugene, Nov 23 2003

Trip permit http://www.mto.gov....dv/vehicle/temp.htm
Don't know where you live, but most states have trip permits in Canada and the U.S... [Klaatu, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


Klaatu, Nov 23 2003

       Well, if the sheriff could have issued one of those...
Eugene, Nov 24 2003

       If the problem with the car was lack of insurance, then the presence or absence of temporary registration plates would not change that. You would need to obtain temporary insurance cover. The sheriff would not be able to sell this to you unless (s)he had a portfolio of policies to offer you (otherwise there would be a bias in favour of whichever company (s)he was representing). Therefore there would have to be some contact between you and the insurance company to obtain the temporary insurance. Since (in the UK at least) you can obtain instant insurance cover over the phone already, you might as well do that. Unless I missed an important point.
dobtabulous, Nov 24 2003

       There would have to be some sort of communication with insurance companies to certify that the car is insurable.

I'm not sure the police would be willing to risk, public safety and their "reputation" on issuing temporary certificates on the spot. The paperwork would be mountainous.

Could you not have just got your emergency recovery company to come and tow you home? (AA, RAC, Green Flag etc...)
silverstormer, Nov 24 2003

       He was going to get it towed, but that would have cost a lot. "Home" was two hours away. Not an option. And both the registration and the insurance were fucked. So instant insurance would not have solved enough of the problem.
Eugene, Nov 24 2003


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