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Positive points when you get stopped by the police

"Evenin' all"
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<wwoowwoowwoowwooww> <screech>

"Good evenin' sir, would you mind turnin' off your engine - Now, do you know what speed you were doing just there?"

"...erm, I'm not sure"

"Twenty-eight miles per hour sir - in a thirty miles per hour zone. Perhaps you failed to notice the absence of other traffic? Or the wide, straight road ahead of you? Or the deceptive downhill gradient?"

"...erm, no"

"Well, I think you desserve a couple of points on your licence then"

"...erm, well, thanks very much"
hippo, Oct 29 2003

non-pork ham http://ceyloneshop....php?products_id=107
Some beef ham, also seen turkey. [swamilad]

UK speed limit history http://www.national...search/history.html
50mph on trunk roads since 1965 [swamilad, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

UK speed limit history http://www.national...search/history.html
50mph on trunk roads since 1965 [Ling, Oct 05 2004]


       WIBNI. you should know better!
po, Oct 29 2003

       Wouldn't that be "points *off* your licence"?
egbert, Oct 29 2003

       keep up egbert, yes! where you been? absent note required!
po, Oct 29 2003

       <wwoowwoowwoowwooww> <screech>   

       'Can I help you, officer?"   

       "Nice wheelie back there ..."   

       "...erm, thanks."   

       "Well, I think you deserve some points on your lisence, then."   

Letsbuildafort, Oct 29 2003

       "...erm, I'm sure we've done this one before, but I can't find it."
phoenix, Oct 29 2003

       Strangly enough they actually have this is Calgary, AB, Canada.....   

       You get bonuses for obeying School zones, cross walks , etc...
SystemAdmin, Oct 29 2003

       In Phoenix sometime in the early nineties, police were pulling over cars randomly. If all occupants of the vehicle in question were wearing seat belts correctly, they were awarded $10 or somesuch.   

       I was always terrified that this would happen to me--$10 is not worth the danger of attempting to stop on the side of a busy freeway! Thank you, but no.   

       Maybe if it were mailed, as photo radar tickets are...
darksasami, Oct 29 2003

       what about points that roll-over from one year to the next and can be transferred to others? A sort of points bank. <<say there aunty Betty, you wouldn't be using those 62000 points you've got there would you, I couldn't borrow a couple could I, you see I'm a bit short at the moment>> They could be bequeathed to others in your will!
Peticelli, Oct 29 2003

       So the pigs were handing out pork products? Hmmm. . .Sorry to generalize. Not all cops are pigs.
notme, Oct 29 2003

       Neither are all hams pork...
swamilad, Oct 29 2003

       All ham not pork?! .....whut?   

       Ham come from pig, no?
squeak, Oct 30 2003

       The week after getting a speeding fine while taking A40 out of London on a motorbike I tried to do the same journey without exceeding the speed limit. Short of having an accident, I have never felt so intimidated, crowded and downright scared by other traffic in my life. Maybe on some roads these should be called bravery points.   

       I'm still going to have to fishbone though, as this scheme would reinforce the smugness of those drivers who pay scant attention to other road users, but still believe that they are good drivers because they obey the speed limit.
st3f, Oct 30 2003

       Would the benefit of not committing a misdemeanour be proportional to its gravity? Eg. someone on 9 points gets stopped and it turns out they are completely sober. They get 12 positive (or negative) points and go 3 into the black, just for not being wasted. They are then free to drive around trousered and would escape a ban as the 12 points would only take them back up to 9.
sild, Oct 30 2003

       No bone from me... but I'm with [st3f] on this one. There is nothing worse when one is in a hurry to get somewhere and impeded by someone else - obviously thinking that because they are driving slowly they are being 'correct'. Drivers are meant to be courteous to one another - and driving at 35mph in a 60mph road is down right rude.   

       But this idea would be points for people driving *correctly*.. not necessarily slowly. So the encouragement would be to drive at a speed that is safe and expediting travel. So - croissant after all!
Jinbish, Oct 30 2003

       Sorry this took me so long, guess I got busy around Halloween.   

       Dictionary.com says its not always a pig, just usually.   

       Ham: The thigh of the hind leg of certain animals, especially a hog.   

       I think it usually has something with the way the meat is cured.
swamilad, Jan 29 2004

       //driving at 35mph in a 60mph road is down right rude//   

       Yes, but tailgating someone doing the posted limit is downright stupid.
Detly, Jan 29 2004

       Too right it is.
(I didn't mean to imply that aggressive driving is a good thing or that I would endorse tailgating for that matter)
Jinbish, Jan 30 2004

       In Singapore they had a similar thing for courteous drivers who signalled, gave way, obeyed the lanes, waved when given way - but they had cash prizes instead of top-up points. I was eagerly looking forward to the cops stopping me, but where's a traffic cop when you need one?
teh_ice, Mar 24 2004

       The speed limit is an arbitrary thing, anyway.
It was set about 40 years ago when people were driving cars like Morris minors.
Sometimes driving at the speed limit is a crazy thing to do, either it is too fast, or too slow for the conditions. It is rarely correct for the conditions.
When I was training for the motorcycle road test, my instructor advised me that the examiner would expect me to rigidly follow the speed limit (within +0 / -5mph). This shows you how crazy the whole thing is.
See link for UK history
Ling, Mar 24 2004


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