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auto tire deflators for red light runners
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at a certain intersection near my home I counted one day, and in my half hour (rush hour) watch time a little over two cars started through the intersection after the light turned red, its my thought that a tire shreeder strip placed in the white line on a few intersection would make people a lot happier to wait their turn, after all $4-500 worth or replacement tires and having to walk home would be better discouragement than a ticket
amuse, Apr 21 2006


       People running red lights is a problem, amuse. I don't like your solution much, though. Thankfully it would probably be unlawful for any police force to implement this.
st3f, Apr 21 2006

       // a little over two cars //
you mean three?
phundug, Apr 21 2006

       So instead of either safley stopping them before they enter traffic, deflating all four of their tires at once would make a speeding car quite the unpredictable killing machine. Or slow-moving traffic over a spike strip would result in an immobile car in the middle of the intersection. Between death missle or brick, I'll take the ticket.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 21 2006

       Also, traffic tickets are a significant source of income for the state and the police. Implementing your idea would detract from their funds, perhaps even more than the cost of implementation itself, due to lawsuits.
sab8823, Apr 22 2006

       A car with flat tires spinning out of control on an intersection would be a serious safety risk. - Try custard filled speed bumps that slowly expand/shrink during yellow phases and you get my bun.
kbecker, Apr 22 2006


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