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Stop Bump

In a much more appropriate place
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The speed bumps I encounter in empty parking lots bug the hell outta me, but I wouldn't mind them at the busy 4-way stop right outside my house.

Mandatory speed bumps at every four- or three-way stop would greatly reduce slow-and-go drivers or those with complete disregard towards large red signs.

SuiGenerisKitten, Nov 25 2005

Custard Speed Bumps Custard-Filled_20Speed_20Bumps
[DrCurry, Nov 25 2005]

Britain waves goodbye to the hump http://findarticles...040327/ai_n12775926
[mecotterill, Aug 10 2008]

Speed bump causes death http://www.cbc.ca/n...paired-verdict.html
True story [Brian the Painter, Jan 06 2013]


       I love it. I cant begin to count the number of times that I have had a near collision because the driver at the intersection ignored the stop sign.
Jscotty, Nov 25 2005

       The speed bumps would mess up a lot of fancy sports cars with low ground clearance. I would be against this, except that it would mostly only affect old rich people in Corvettes and young rich people in riced up Hondas.
discontinuuity, Nov 25 2005

       [-] because I'm against any road safety measure that punishes the guilty as well as the innocent. There are other ways to enforce compliance with stops signs that don't involve me riding a concrete rollercoaster to work.
DocBrown, Nov 25 2005

       This would alleviate my worries that there's a stop sign hidden behind a tree branch.
phundug, Nov 25 2005

       DocBrown: Given that you are required to actually stop at Stop signs, I don't see how this punishes *anyone*. Except those breezing through at speed, maybe.   

       I like the rumble strips they've installed in front of the tolls around here - maybe use those ahead of the stop sign.
DrCurry, Nov 25 2005

       It punishes you [DrC] (and me and everyone else) by forcing you to go over a nasty uncomfortable bump, irrespective of whether you were stopping or not. These bumps are barely noticeable in some cars I grant you, but in others they're a major annoyance. I speak from my position in the latter camp!
DocBrown, Nov 25 2005

       I have encountered stop signs with rumble strips in front of them. Rather nasty for bicyclists, since the rumble strips in question had about a 6" pitch. A nice approach might be to have several sets of rumble strips on the approach to the stop sign, with different pitches so that the further-out ones were only audible at higher speeds.
supercat, Nov 25 2005

       DocBrown: so use custard speed bumps (see link).
DrCurry, Nov 25 2005

       Custard. Wouldn't have it any other way.
SuiGenerisKitten, Nov 26 2005

       I heard of a case in Derby UK where someone successfully forced the local council to remove all its speed bumps on the basis that they contravened a old law that stated 'nothing shall be done to the road surface which would cause it to become irregular or broken' (or something like that). It was apparently brought in about the time of the public health act to prevent damage to sewers and water supplies.
mecotterill, Aug 10 2008

       excerpt from the link above. I remember this story from TV. It was said that the speed bump on the road caused a speeder to loose control. Sadly a girl died.   

       The judge said Berner exercised poor judgment that day in May 2008 by driving on a road close to her home at a speed of about 91 kilometres an hour in a 50 km/h zone and ignoring speed bumps.
Brian the Painter, Jan 06 2013


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